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Fine. My fellow Americans. Ladies and gentlemen. Members of the press in my immediate family. I may I thank you all for being here. And I am and my immediate family. I may I thank you all for being here. My immediate family. Thank you all for being here. By you do open the height show that really Harvey Cosell now. Well, the thing about Ford was he he was kind of a blunder and he trip going down the stairs and air force. One. Chevy's Chevy's bits was always he would come out. And then fall and stumble around and knock things over in the Oval Office. It was cute. It was funny. He never really didn't imitation afford. But you knew he was he wasn't four. But it's sad. Because he's a very talented actor I loved the national lampoon vacation move terrific. What was he did? Was it flat? Swallows the other. Yes, he did Fletch. Yeah. He did some funny movie. I remember Juanita Goldie Hawn. I it's the song. Barry Manilow song. Ready to take a chance again was from it. Very good movie. It's gonna come to me in a minute. And he was excellent in. Okay. Shack cat. Oh, yeah. He was great shadow. He was a major major comedy star. But then he became difficult to work with any insulted co stars and people don't wanna be around him. He lives up in Bedford New York now with his family. He is sober. That's a good thing. But he talks about his struggles with alcohol and drugs, and he bashes Sarah live three amigos Natalie's going down the list and tell us about three migos. He was foul. Play is the foul. Plow plays great movie with Goldie Hawn. Yeah. Red. Obviously vacation was great to see this. We have a video you gotta see up on our website at seven ten wwl dot com slash Lennon. Michael this happens all the time people just riding along on New Jersey transit. Making good speed doors open. It's unbelievable. I mean this happens repeatedly and listen to this person. Anybody can pull hurt themselves. Get killed. Safety is number one. Yeah. I just like the first line anybody can pull everybody could fall. Well, sometimes the trains the elevated. So you're up high in the doors open. You fall out of the train you'll lengths Blat on the on the road. New Jersey transit Nataliya from do you ever ride New Jersey? I used to take the train every morning to work. It's I've actually seen the door open not fully open. This video is insane. The door is wide open. I've seen it open a crack, go take a look. Oh. And you had a story. You wanted to tell me about captains. Hawk no, captain hook. You said they found you have you have you ever heard of captain, captain hook me have you ever heard of captain, captain cook, right? He's the first European to go to Australia and Hawaii on his ship. The HMS endeavour will apparently it looks as though they have discovered the HMS endeavor off the east coast of the United States crocodile taking now, you know, nothing wrong person anything captain, captain hook the importance in the history of discovery telling me that captain cook is tell me he was the first person to circumnavigate the globe. And then he was killed by the native people in Hawaii. Unbelievable now, they found a ship. Hope you're enjoying this rewind. Today's Len Berman and Michael in the morning. We'll be back with a new show tomorrow from six to ten on seven ten w r. All right. Let's give out some tickets, Michael. Yeah. Congratulations to Helmich mole from east elmhurst. He was the first caller to correctly identified that the turning point from the game last night was this. It's a high fly ball to right? This one's carrying demos back. He's at the track. He's at the wall. Looks up. Pets gone homerun borough Dougal, Harare. All right. So that's the turning point two run Homer in the fourth inning off Noah, Syndergaard and Philadelphia Phillies beat the Mets for nothing. Indeed. All right. The next chance to win the turning point is to listen to the next Mets post game show on W O R for the Mets truckful and ups turning point of the game. And they are in Washington tonight. Coverage here on wwl war begins at six o five. All right. Our next guest knows what he's talking about. He's brad. Garret ABC news crime and terrorism analyst from Washington and Brad first of all good morning. Welcome to the program. Good morning. So the question is how do you investigate a crime from thirty six years ago? And and really how does that take shape and how does it become relevant today? Okay. To another. I'm not going to suggest that you could definitively figure out if something actually happened in a house in Montgomery County thirty six years ago. What I am suggesting is that you could get a much better understanding of both judge cavenaugh and Dr Ford thirty six years ago. It would take a lot of work you'd have to do a lengthy detailed interviews, not interogations interviews of both of them. You don't have to go and talk to friends where did they party how much did they drink? What was judge Kavanagh's relationship? Who did he date was he ever inappropriate? I'm not suggesting he was with somebody else did this ever occur in some other setting at some other location. All of those things will at the end of the day. You're you're never gonna end up in any. Anything for anyone being prosecuted, criminally because it's way beyond that. This is really boiling down to can you come up with additional information that you can better assess sorta the honesty the integrity the morality of an individual in this case somebody you're about to possibly place on the supreme court. So you you have a much better picture of him. If you waited I don't think that's going to happen. I think we're gonna move forward. But that's what you could end up with. So Brad, if just let's say for the sake of argument, they open an FBI investigation. It's gonna take way beyond the midterm elections. Will it not such an investigation is you've just detailed oh weeks. I would say conservatively the end of the year and think about this. You're gonna go to people from thirty six years ago. That you're going to have to find. And then you're gonna have to convince them to talk to you. And that's not an easy venture. Sometimes. So this could take weeks dislocating people, and then getting them to a place where the actually will share with you information about what occurred in their lives that where judge cavenaugh and Dr Ford were part of back thirty six years ago, not an easy undertaking. It also takes a special type of investigator. You can't just throw anybody under this mix because sexual assault cases are not easy to investigate even if they just happen if there's no evidence. And so I again, I'm going to suggest a much better picture of both of them. But I just don't see that happening warm with Brad Garret. He's the ABC news crime and terrorism analyst from Washington. And Brad, obviously everything I mean, everything now is so one hundred percent political. I don't think either size going to be happy with anything that happens here. What what are your? Thoughts on that. Well, that's probably right. I think the Democrats are gonna continue to say we need more information about this. And the Republicans obviously are saying, you know, if she's not willing to testify in. I totally understand why she doesn't want to testify that they're going forward next week. So you're right. I think we're gonna end up with what's basically on the table today, and they're gonna make their decisions based on that Brad can the committee subpoena and forced Dr Ford to testify, I suppose, yes, you could subpoena her now keep in mind that a subpoena from congress. You know, there is a compelling aspect to it. But it's not the same as a judge issuing a subpoena for you to come to court, or you know, the marshals or local law enforcement official could arrest you for not coming congress, then has to go to the US attorney's office in DC who then has to go to district court. To argue to compel this person to come in. And that's just I don't think it's gonna happen. Brad. Appreciate your input. Brad. Garret the ABC news crime and terrorism analyst and watching. Thanks, brad. Well, he does paint the picture that if you were really going to do this, right? It would take a very long time. And honestly, a Michael that's not gonna happen now. No, the Republicans are gonna let that happen. That's what the Democrats want. Because Brad said if it goes to the end of the year, they get through the midterm elections. That's the political calculation. The Democrats have made and the Republicans should not allow them to get away with it going to do it. They're going to go forward, and the Democrats are going to how like stuck pigs. Come Monday, because they will you know, they'll all be talking to Brett cavenaugh. So he will testify in Alaska every which way but Sunday would happen. He'll deny deny deny deny they'll say, okay done will vote Thursday. You're the next supreme court judge and the Democrats are going to be apoplectic. So I guess I guess the leave it up to the voter to the side. I guess obviously. That's the that's the that's the only thing the Democrats will have up their sleeve. You know, it's interesting. We were we've been talking all week if Dr Ford testifies, it's unlikely that she is going to, but let's say for sake of argument going to testify the Republicans would have to be very careful in the hash tag me. They'd have to be very respectful. What about the Democrats? I bet they're just going to try to smear and run down cabin. They won't have any decorum. They won't treat him with any dignity. They will paint him as a harasser as a horrible terrible purser person. Because they don't care. I don't think you're right. You think they're going to treat them with dignity and respect? I'll bet you. They won't. I think they'll be respectful. I don't think so really. Yep. Cory booker. Please. Well, I don't think so I can't I can't vouch for him. Call A Spartacus moment. Right anyway, when we return that EMMY proposal remember during the Emmys a guy proposed cute, right? Nope. Some people are ticked off about who could possibly be ticked off about a proposal of marriage will tell you, and where did you hear what movie props are up for auction?.

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