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Bronchitis emphysema or asthma lance says the risks appear to be highest among adults who both vape and smoke which often happens when people turn to vaping in an attempt to quit smoking but then aren't able to completely give up cigarettes if you are a dual use Sir that is if you're using cigarettes and the cigarettes at the same time these two risks multiply given the E. cigarettes are relatively new the long term effects of vaping are just beginning to be understood says Robert Terran of the university of North Carolina at Chapel Hill he says this study offers important evidence I think it's fair to say that the new study adds to the body rather than saying they think he cigarettes is harmful to the lungs it seems that easily Gretz can harm the longs in multiple ways beeping can lead to inflammation and tamp down a mutant defenses raping can do a lot to belong so it can mean changing voucher processes and actually seeing the because if you know suppression so that leaves people more prone to infection he says it's not just the nicotine there are other ingredients including pro pulling glycol glycerin and flavoring compounds that may lead to harmful effects when heated and inhaled despite these risks many argue that E. cigarettes still have a role to play in trying to help smokers reduce the risk of lung disease Amy Fairchild is dean of the college of public health at the Ohio State University there is no question that they be nicotine is not safe but it is safer than inhaling burning tobacco this remains the key argument in favor of the things that it's less risky than smoking but at a time when one in four high school seniors report vaping and are at risk of getting hooked on nicotine the authors of the new paper argue the evidence pointing to the harms of E. cigarettes is starting to pile up Alison Aubrey NPR news it's the season of giving so we've asked our international correspondents to give us the gift of tape something they recorded that never made it into a radio story that they haven't been able to forget today international correspondent Jana raft takes us to a place that she has visited many times on this visit she ended up someplace unexpected hi Jane hi there so take us into the scene where were you so this was Mosul Iraq's second biggest city and muscle it was still emerging from the influence of ISIS under ISIS control for almost three years and almost everything was banned particularly drinking and smoking near the river that divides the city we went through this entrance through the steel door and then there are guys collecting weapons from people who had weapons and then quick body searches for the man and then we open the doors and there was this what are we hearing it's a smoking room really smoking full of men with what looked like a bingo cards and they're drinking beer and drinking whiskey but they're mostly focusing on the bingo which isn't actually called bingo here what is the Arabic word for bingo it's called double a if you want so happy that's engineer at their house and who opened the place in fact it's the first a bingo hall opened in Mosul since nineteen ninety four and the first board to be open there and maybe like a decade you mentioned it was full of men with this like a strictly male only space it was so strictly a male of lease space we went there with our local producer singer Khalil of he's from Mosel and a friend from Swedish radio who's also a woman and the owner who was our host told us we were the first two women who had ever been there in Baghdad apart from a very old stayed social club where families go to play bingo and win electrical appliances women didn't go to these places and I said I've seen women go to them before in Baghdad and he said by the by the women's it bad women but these were not bad man playing bingo in the home where you were presumably not they were happy none of the ones who are winning anyway because this isn't just this isn't bingo for like peanuts or electrical appliances it's for cash money up to three thousand dollars a game up to three thousand dollars a game whoa did they have the same kind of like big rolling Cajun front that they would pull balls out of did it look like a bingo hall that we would see in America so it had a big blue ball but it was a lot more complicated than bingo because their numbers and not letters and the numbers go from one to ninety and then the announcer would do this clever sort of thing where before almost every number he'd give some sort of reference that the Iraqis would get like he'd say war with Iran and everybody would know that was eighty eight because in nineteen eighty eight was the year the war ended Sir James over the last year you have covered so many scenes of war of refugees of cities coming back to life after ISIS why is this the thing that stuck with you that you wanted to bring to us today I think because for all the time is spent in Mosul you know that that was time spent under the restrictions of Saddam were with the US military or in in quickly went outside and ISIS were around and I kind of felt they never got to know it so there I was sitting with remarkable people from Mosel who'd been there all along this this young activist who who's volunteer movement to help to rebuild the city with musician and with people like I think the businessman who opened it who said he wanted to change the mentality in Mosul but he wasn't gonna do with guns because then people would bring more guns he was going to do it by offering fear and bingo and I think most of all it it brought back a part of that Iraq that I had known and loved and that's now harder to find that tolerance where if you want to you can go to the mosque and pray or if you want to you can go and drink can play bingo and all those things co exist Generac with a gift from the international desk this one from Mosul Iraq thank you Jane thank you you're listening to All Things Considered a tentative deal that eases trade restrictions with China it seems like right news for farmers they've been pummeled by the trade war but some farmers are concerned about the new agreement as Frank Morris of member station Casey you are reports they worry that ag exports will suffer for years and history back set up the case is gas station in sweet springs Missouri has a table unofficially reserved for for Christ's for the corn and soybeans these men grow are rising last couple days I've been out but they had took a nose dive before that so we need to make that back former Tom crisis is prices for grain and hogs Phil hard when China imposed retaliatory tariffs in the summer of two thousand eighteen many farmers lost money last year all prices have men good but with the market facilitation alone it was it's all right market facilitation payments that's the official name for the money the trump administration gave farmers to compensate for trade losses about sixteen billion dollars in trade aid kept many farmers from losing money this year the first like John vocals Meyer don't like it I would ten times rather have a market than to have somebody give me a few dollars K. H. and then brag about meantime vocals Mursi's grain prices are still much lower than they were before the trade war started sweating sprint since were trading above ten dollars a bushel back then today there just over nine it looks good but you know we've been in this roller coaster situation now of for quite some time so as I don't think you can basically take this news to the bank Scott with an agricultural economist at the university of Illinois agrees the details are sketchy everyone's just trying to nail down exactly what has been agreed to US negotiators say that China's promised to buy at least forty billion dollars with a bag products each year that would be billions more than China has ever purchased one says the sixteen billion dollar jump in sales would be great for farmers if it actually materialize meantime he says this tentative phase one agreement is at least a step in the right direction things could have gotten worse and so we for the time being have avoided that it was just this de escalation may come too late to avoid long term damage to the trading relationship from the beginning that has been a nightmare scenario is history suggests that once you break an important relationship trade wise like this it is very difficult to fully recover your market share he's talking about the history of the Russian grain embargo when the United States abruptly stopped wheat sales to Russia the price of wheat tank and stay low for years like just about every farmer of a certain age John vocals more clearly remembers the floor dropping out in a way he still living it for decades on we can raise reach to be profitable here because of what happened but I'm afraid that's exactly what is going to happen with what is going on today so farmers welcomed the idea of easing hostilities with China but as to what happens if and when the US and China actually sign off on the deal I think it's a whole lot more complicated print your news I'm Frank Morris in Kansas city it's All Things Considered on W. NYC it's the first day in nearly two decades that immigrants in New York can apply for a driver's license regardless of their immigration status so coming up next we'll take you to a D. M. V. in queens on this winter's day to see how that's going but first it's New Jersey congressman Jeff Andrew the Democrats who switching parties to join Republicans rather than vote for impeachment W. N. Y. C.'s Nancy Solomon stops by to explain what exactly is going on in new Jersey's Democratic Party stay tuned on the next all of that media Russell Diana Donna and then ball joint for the stuff they're lucky enough Christmas special making your city debut at the soho Playhouse this week what are friends for stop by with recipes for delicious cocktail with our I'm doing all of it on seven.

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