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I mean, I've done much. They're not going to make the playoffs and go from suitable not making the playoffs. What you're feeling is for us to attack a viol. Oh, When do you think we see him? By Miami drops a couple more in a row. You think we get to see too? Yeah, I think it's got to be a few more yet coming. Fitzpatrick's not been playing bad. I mean, it was great. I mean, I needed to play a little bit better last week, Allied Benham, but, uh Not? Not yet, Katie. Not yet. Yeah, I I just tell people I just say, I don't go against Russell Wilson. You know, they're all like No, This is the perfect spot. This perfect spot. No idea. I said, I know it's a perfect spot. It looks great. It's all good. There's something at the end of the game. I don't got Panish told me the opening game. Seattle Atlanta Matty Ice, Mattias. They got it. They're dead. You know that? I don't Kogan's Russell Wilson. I just I don't like to lose my money. That guy finds ways to pull out games that they have no business winning. Meanwhile, Dallas they should be Owen for facing the Open four Giants line is at 8.5 50 for the Dallas defense is so freaking bad man. It's so hard to watch that Defense, Nolly. It's under 3.9 yards a carry Prescott, you know, leading the league in the artist 1690 Yards passing nine touchdowns. Three Pixies Rush for three. You know, I've thrown for 4 44 game. Now, If you see the steps you're thinking Lord Dow's gonna be three and one of the worst. Amaury Cooper CD Lam Gallop. Cedrick Wilson. Nice tight and indulge in Schultz. They did find out that they lost their left tackle for the rest of the year is well, but Jalen Smith, Joe Thomas, lead them in tackles 37 apiece Giants Look, I got to say If they were Ableto execute last week most everybody'd be out of their survivor pokes a giant should have beaten the Rams. I had the Rams. I was very, very fortunate. One thing you've got to say for the Giants Blake Martinez 43 tackles the next closest guys. Logan Ryan, with 22 got to be kidding me that Blake Martinez didn't matter where he goes, I can flat out tackle. You got Slater. You got Ingram. You got Golden Tate Devante frame is trying to find his way still under three yards a carry. It's Daniel Jones. That leads the way but man, he makes a major mistakes. I think if you tease Dallas under a field goal, it's the way to go in this one. Dallas loses that when Jerry Jones going to fire everybody I can only tease Dallas down down through the 73 toward ordered on 2.5 that beam. I like player. I don't want to leave a nap with that defense. But you know, I'm not crazy. But back in the Giants are in Dallas is only serious, Hank that covered six straight against the Giants. So he's only Katie. Okay? What I did. I tease Dallas Plus 8.5. I teased him with Cleveland plus two touchdown Now. Circus sports, Though Cleveland's of Pickem 47 a half against the Colts, but most everywhere else you can find Cleveland plus one I took him plus two touchdown because I respect Indianapolis's defense. Their offense. I like Jonathan Taylor. I'll let you know Wilkins and Heinz at the backfield. ROK Mohali, Coxes, Your leading receiver. Look, I know he is a good solid tight and t Y Hilton. You know, trying to get back to 100% AA. You got Paschal Pittman, Junior. The forest Buck. There's pretty solid on defense for Darius Leonard's out, and that's your leading tackler that you're you're mean guy on defense. That's a major loss for Indianapolis. I think Cleveland's gonna win this game. But every time I see Cleveland have a dominant performance, like they did, which they almost gave it away against house, But then they went up and down the field on Dallas. They are at home rivers, not That doesn't look bad, but four touchdowns, three picks. I think Cleveland can get after rivers get in his face. So I like to touch down, though on the teaser If you find a place on there's a ton of them out there that you can get Cleveland, you know, plus the one I tease it up to seven. I did that with Dallas, minus 2.5. Yeah. I mean, I'd be on Cleveland here. Although I could add 2.5, mostly, we can number keeps getting dropping and dropping and dropping because of the injury news for the Colts. I really wanted the honor but again and worries when the culture without, you know, a couple really good defenders. So that concerns me. So right now, the lean under for me and probably end up talking myself into Baton. Cleveland. There you go. Now. Sunday night football game will be interesting. This soda back to back road games back to back domes. Basically, I mean, we'll know Seattle's outdoors now so But Seattle minus seven others supposed to be rain there 55 degrees and rain. 56 a half is the total Kirk cousins and company They played pretty well. For most of the game against Houston, let their guard down near the end nearly cost him but I like Delvin Cook, especially if it's going to be sprinkled a little bit. Give me Dalvin Cook. Alexander Madison's decency had a rushing touchdown last week talked about Jefferson helping out feeling now and Rudolph, You know, a few catches hearing their Kendricks was a tackling machine in Ga. Quay had five solo tackles and a couple of sacks last week. Onto Shawn Watson. That was key for Minnesota. Getting that wind of a Bobby Wagner KJ, right. These two guys, man, they just continue going about their business and you know they're solid..

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