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That's important, I can wait. And if people will say, no, no, I'm listening. I'm like, oh no. I need you to listen with your eyes and your ears because you know what? There's 4 billion other things I could be doing. I do not need to be sitting here talking to you while you're on Instagram, I don't. I want someone to be fully present. But you can actually have language for that. And ask our state in my loved one, hey, this is really important time. I haven't seen you. Can I make a simple request that no phones while we're together, please? Miss Cole, before we close the show, can you reassure all of our listeners that it's okay to set boundaries both online and in real life? It's so much more than okay. Because it is actually you being seen for your authentic self and you're being truthful instead of having people guess you're letting people know where you stand. The most trustworthy people are the people who can talk through. And we all know that think about it right now. Your friend, who you know, say yes when they really want to say no because they don't want to quote unquote, hurt your feeling. When they say yes to something, you go, there's a 50% chance that that's going to happen. Correct? So don't you want to be someone that not only are people contrast, but that you can trust to take care of yourself. And you can always do this with love with kindness with ease. You've never have to be mean. It's setting a limit with someone. It is not required unless their behavior is requiring it. But generally, it's once you get good at this, you can do it with ease and grace. So I understand if it feels scary. But I promise you, I've devoted my life to work to this. You can absolutely learn how to do this. And your entire life will up level when you do. Now your latest book is titled boundary boss, the essential guide to talk true be seen and finally live free, which is available on Amazon, and I'm sure other fine book sellers. But where can folks find you and learn more? After you get the book, you can go to boundary boss book dot com and that has all the sellers there, but it also has a whole bunch of free boundaries supporting goodies for meditation to my boundary quizzes. It's just a 13 question queen to help you get your boundary setting baseline to understand where you should maybe.

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