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And now move the sticks with Daniel Jeremiah and Bucky Brooks. What's up everybody DJ Bucky here move the sticks presented by Zach's B.'s buck how you doing man I'm good I'm good is nearly into we get ready for the weekend Thursday night Thursday night football game, tonight Jaguars, and Dolphins in English Nice slate of games this weekend. Yeah that's kind of where we're GONNA. Go days is talking about the game coming up on Monday night with the chiefs and Ravens and kind of looking at those quarterbacks and how that's changed scouting as we as we go forward as well as just some of the overall play received from young quarterbacks around the NFL. By I do emphasize sale. I'm looking at the schedule. We've got some SEC football, this this moonlight up about as well book. Conference anyone who has been in business understands how the SEC is revered in war rooms around the league and so yeah, there are a lot of people tune in because Potentially, we could have opportunity see ten conference games. There are a lot of people that it'd be paying close attention to what's going on down the SEC yellow on good football, which is great for us when we look at this game in particular here, chiefs in Ravens coming up Monday night based game of the year on the NFL schedule played a couple of great games already but we'll look at the quarterbacks specifically we've talked about them individually in the past but. Have you seen kind of a change in the position and in what teams are looking for since we've seen the these two guys I. Mean Dj on we've had these conversations like I think the change has been obvious i. think there's been a greater emphasis placed on athleticism the ability to create an extent plays with your feet. If you have legitimate running skills that is. A skilled that has been celebrated even enhanced in the National Football League in. So we're seeing a set a different playmaker at the position whereas ten fifteen twenty years ago. We wouldn't necessarily have those guys rated at the top of the board because back. Then early two thousands it was still about fitting the quarterback into the office coordinator system. Now, about the office coordinated, building a system around the talents of the quarterback and so when you have that difference in philosophical change up top and then you see how these young quarterbacks had been thrive thriving. Levels I think it makes sense to try and meet them halfway especially under the premise that the biggest and best championship window is when you're young quarterback is playing on a rookie deal and so that really changed. The game and that has made it where you had to be more dabble and flexible not only who you pick how you play them. When you do get them into program one of the things I've learned from these guys is There's a couple things that can be improved when you get to the next level and I think sometimes we used to have these arguments right? Can you improve your accuracy now when you get to the NFL a lot of times a lot of people say, no are what you are..

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