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This is Gino Auriemma and this is holding court near to. You're more famous in China than liangelo ball. I mean, and he just became famous you away. We're famous than we were on runs. Undefeated runs, who was I call it? If you don't want to know how do I keep the. Your mom. Hello, I gotta tell you, you know, she's still watches you on TV, but she said that she said, Charles, I like you. I like you a lot and you were, but then she said, but I love the shack. Yeah. Okay. Welcome back ladies and gentlemen to the next installment, latest and greatest installment of holding court, which you know Auriemma this is Gino Auriemma here in stores, Connecticut, basketball capital of the world. You already know that what you may not know is arguably a Goth state people in Connecticut, love their golf passionate about GOP. We have some of the finest golf courses in the world within an hour and a half, two hour drive from stores. One of the biggest events on the PGA tour is the travelers championship held TPC river highlands in Cromwell, Connecticut. It has become the number one tour event as voted by the players. And it's the direct result of the work of travelers vice president. Andy beset a former uconn athlete. And Nathan group the tournament director. And I think you'll you'll you'll be interested to hear about what goes into putting PGA tour event together and the challenges from day one when they took over the tournament when it was dead in the water to today where they were voted last year, the number one tour that by the players enjoy it. Do you remember when travelers? I made a decision. To get involved with the PGA tour at at the Hartford. At the Hartford venue, yeah. Yeah. I, I've been a part of it from from beyond before day one. I mean the the Gulf it travels is really a long history back in nineteen sixty. One. We started is one of the few couple of sponsors of the masters and bleed archives. We still have those huge reels of movies compares. We used to send them out to our agents back in the sixties and seventies 'cause TV wasn't what what it is today. Obviously these huge reels. We'd always have four for every year for every masters. Then we ship them around from one agent to another agent to agent, and they would host like masters Ewing parties in the evenings and their agencies for their customers. And so we started out with a master's way back in sixty one. So then fast forward, we were part of it right up through the nineties, and then city group took it over. But but then we travelers were involved through our different companies that we've merged with and bought acquired over the years with the west coast swing. And so I was working with the PGA tour from two thousand two on word up till two thousand six when we decided to take a shot at the travelers championship. So so the PGA tour relationship is really long when here travelers, but in two thousand six, Jay Fishman, our chairman and CEO of the time, and I had a question and had had a lot of conversations around what we wanted to do and around golf. So back in five, we had a consultant work with us to go back and study about like do some research and find out which sport most aligned with insurance and insurance agents. And you can imagine the study came back for overwhelmingly golf..

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