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Between Truth Financial corporation through his foundation Incorporated Interest Charitable Fund Truth Bank member of 500.1%. Double the BBM news time 12 08 traffic and weather together on the eights. Here's trend Erickson the ritual, No complaints at all on the Edens in or outbound, looking completely clear. The Kennedy though, man mountains that slow in pockets for B, Eden's junction into the bird interchanged in 31 minutes committed from O'Hare from the Eaton's junction 21. Outbound side gets heavy between Lawrence and Harlem with some roadwork going out around Harlem in 26 minutes to get to O'Hare. You can use those expresso out those air clear. And those are available to you. Now the Eisenhower inbound Mannheim to display NHS Heavy in the outbound side is from Central. The first both of 31 minute commute between 3 90 in downtown in or outbound on, the Steven said no other problems to be found. 50 fives looking good, too. Mert and Ryan slow it from the Stevenson of Roosevelt Road work in the right lane to blame your outbound side. No blaming. It's just 87 95th, a little snug in 17 90 15 19 back in high 50 seven's in great shape. The Bishop Ford will slow in for 111 off the Dan Ryan. It's 19 infirmity 94 Back out. Just 17 Lakeshore drive your typical blaze approaching Chicago Avenue. That's about it in both directions, And that's always nice and quiet, with the exception of the Reagan pretty far out, But it's eastbound salad. Before about 47. There's a crash that left wing there. We're going to get another way. But for now, it's pretty heavy. If you're making her way toward Aurora, the rest of the tollway's look good Northwest Indiana. Not much of a problem to be found your next traffic report 12 18 nineties radio 7 80. What if I point out if M Mack you weather forecast? We have a cold front to thank for the breeze today. And much cooler temperatures to a high of 81 Today, then.

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