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I wrote down so many amazing quotes from Atlanta. I mean, candy said the most amazing thing, and I know it's a song that's been around by. I believe meek mill. Yes. Sure. Which was but I prefer to think of it as from one Ken. Yeah. Which is when candies filming this video with Todd. It's kind of unclear what she's filming if it were why it's a no it's very clear. It is a it is a variety show slash dungeon party. I think she made that quite clear awake. You're right. You're right. It's obvious games on it variety show tension party, and you'll push you from video for that. Oh. And but even candy herself was kind of mulling it over like should I have spent on the full camera crew for this. And then she she checks herself and says, you know, what scared money don't make no money. Oh, I texted cool at my friend. This is how we live scared money. Don't make no muskat. I laid everything to me. I wanted on everything cared money. Don't make no money can someone make Casey short. Air take a marker scale any don't make no money. It's there's just something about it. I found it. Life changing. We'll Marlow had a great quote. But I have which is just like I didn't have pennies when she's yelling. Not. Luggage 'cause Marlowe is her luggage. And she is lugged. Yeah. As so for her knocks you've got nothing. She's what does she have the per has. No clues with just have our luggage. And so that was we've never seen are low so upset and so quiet so angry. And when we took a moment of silence for her. Oh and Eva was like half joking half. Non she's like, let's take a moment. Silence. For Marlo Nina's testimonials were so amazing. A her to not have anything the scene before they left for Tokyo with Porsche Anini was making me laugh. Oh my God. Ard ne-near was very disturbed when she was disturbed that Porsche was wearing her full makeup from the day before. Yes, I'm so tired being pregnant and eating was like, what would the last trimester be no bath? And then. Porteous said you're coming at my baby messy. The F. I love it for when Porsche was sitting there. Having a deep conversation with the hotdog king like about the relationship, and she is second on that big pig. It's very oh. I loved it kinship with Porsche pregnancy. She's she's not been seen in a frame not eating. There is not a frame on the airplane. Every second a camera gets to her you just and it's usually a huge pickle in a plastic wrapper like nice as me, and I just love it so much I want to know where she gets those pickles. I would love a big Piccolo plastic wrapper. Nothing would make me happier. I'll tell you who grates on me is Eva. What was she skirt that she fits caveman? Tell you because I wrote down I said, I am very tired of EVA's red glasses her Tope topa robes suede cowboy hats and psychedelic peace sign shirts. Her style is. Oh rough. She came in to that dungeon party with with. I could only say is do duvet cover wrapped around like skirt was a. I don't know where it ends. And where it became. I know I know now tant is an interesting one. I I don't know where I land with ten. Yeah. I don't know if she's going to I don't think she'll stay around. But she was kind of providing the like, Shannon for me when they showed up to the airport, and she's the first one that can meet you. Top in the morning for. Oh, see she was so excited to say. Oh, yes. She was. So when knee went off on her at that restaurant that was nuts hopeless, the has Niimi going through it with Greg. Yeah. And Finally, I think getting away from someone who's very sick and just losing her shit. And I felt this with my mom like. I'll be honest. I felt no this is not gonna sound good. So I'm just saying that right off the bat. I felt a bit triggered by Eva being so upset about a grandfather on it'd be like your fucking Sadah grandparents dying like. I'm like in my head and Mike. I've had a parent. I like that. I know that actually the wrong attitude to have an it's terrible..

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