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The landscape of the trial which is now expected to begin just one week from today and Marie of auditors lawyer ways in? We'll up up right when we come back all right. We're coming breaking news of the documents that were released by the House Intelligence Committee and and included as I said earlier in the show. Is this text. Exchange between left corner is the individual who's lawyer transmitted the Documents House Intelligence Committee and abandoning Robert F hide who's a Republican in Congressional candidate represents himself as kind of D- Cpr Guru and fixer and they're having a text exchange that appears to be Hyd- representing to pardon us that he has and I don't think he's in Ukraine. I think he's in the US. Although it's unclear that he had some folks in Ukraine who are like tailing the ambassador marie-yvonne reporting in real time at our movements through these third party intermediaries that height US presumably hired. We don't know of any of this is true could be completely completely a figment of hides imagination texter unnerving and we have we have a statement from the former bathroom. Marie Ivanovich Lawyer Lawrence Robbins. Who says the following needless to say the notion that American citizens and others were monitoring ambassador Yvonna vicious movements for unknown purposes is disturbing thing we trust that the appropriate authorities will conduct an investigation to determine what happened? That seems like just about the least of what can be expected now with with all those new remarkable evidence about the extortion scheme that led to President Donald Trump's impeachment. It's likely to play a huge role you would imagine in the upcoming Senate trial the president today. We learned that trial will likely begin just one week from today statement this morning speaker of the House. Nancy Pelosi announced that after a nearly month-long standoff the the House will vote tomorrow to transmit the articles of impeachment to the Senate at ten. Am Tomorrow Pelosi will also announce the impeachment managers those the members of Congress Democrats. What's who will prosecute the case against the president during the Senate trial in response to Pelosi announced today? Senate Majority Leader Mitch. McConnell said that if all goes according to plan he expects affects the trial to begin next Tuesday but the reason for that month. Long standoff is we don't know what the trial will look like remains a totally open question. One thing we do know is that that it does not appear to be shaping up the way the president hoped for one thing top senate. Republicans are making clear. There's no appetite within their own caucus to simply dismiss the charges as trump recently called on them to do and then there's the big outstanding question of calling witnesses and introducing new documents. Today's news pretty much puts to rest any remaining ending. Doubts about just how important that evidence could be even before. Today's revelations top Democrat in the Senate Chuck Schumer had called for witness testimony from four individuals including crucially former national security adviser. John Bolton who famously according testimony characterized the Ukraine scheme as a drug deal and who says that he will testify. Why if you subpoenaed by the Senate other Bolton and other witnesses ultimately appear is up to a handful of Senate Republicans McConnell's plan centers are going to vote on whether to hear witness testimony stony and review new evidence after both sides make their opening arguments? So trial starts opening arguments votes on witnesses while the remains a lot of uncertainty at least six Republicans suggested they might be willing to break with their party and vote to allow new in his documents. Today's news would seem to make such defections. Even more likely response ons from trump's allies has been to say well. If you do that you're going to open up Pandora's box. We're going to call their own witnesses. Listen to this exchange today between McConnell. MSNBC's Casey haunt some in. Your conference suggested that if Democrats are calling witnesses like John Bolton they may also want to call witnesses such as Hunter Biden. Would you support calling Hunter Biden. Well I think we'll be dealing with the witness issue at the appropriate time into the trial and I think it's certainly appropriate.

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