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Throat as the circle had just throw stuff. They weren't supposed to move people. Were going with that so chrissy times infinity. I just do you know where your kids are. The question is why china keeps their kids off the of the electron right here. I would rather have these kids playing games trying video throwing suitcase in the air and get clogged ladder. And that one kid. When the latter was during the one kid moved gutless. The words of dr ian malcolm from the documentary jurassic park life Finds a way scientists. Say a rare shirk virgin birth. Maybe the first of its kind after a baby shaq was born in an all female tank. Why is that talion aquarium. They'd be smooth hound shark named Is ispra which means a hope in sardinian was born at the aquarium. In sardinia italy Its mother has spent ten years living in a tank with one other female scientists suspect. The newborn could be the first documented case of the shark. Parthenon parthenogenesis what was that parthenogenesis species so the parthenogenesis it's a rare phenomenon where an egg develops into an embryo without being fertilized by sperm. The process has been observed in more than eighty vertebrate species according to live science including sharks fish and didn't joel visit fifteen species of sharks and rays are known to do this hoarding to the director of sharks and rays broker at the mote marine laboratory in florida. The response can also be triggered in captive sharks who are separated from males for long periods of time so we'll see marine biologist at the aquarium have said dna samples to the laboratory to confirm that this was born through parthenogenesis but We'll find out if maybe the female was sneaking out of the big tank at night for or the research business. Yeah let me over. Come on come on. Of course there was a male shark in there at some point. I don't believe it. What about the parthenogenesis. In you know genesis by the way if you wanna see all these crazy videos that chevy's been referring to at four. Pm eastern had to youtube dot com slash pat gray and you will see them for yourself speaking of life finding away sixty eight year old mexican dancer actress. Lynn may still claiming she's pregnant. She announced that she was expecting a baby musician. Marcus d. one. Oh and i mean who's thirty one by the way. And i didn't have sixty eight i don't have to tell you that Go st one is the los angeles based recording artist. Now of course not with his unique brand of op. Music acute business savvy fashion model and successful beauty industry entrepreneur. We don't play business links. He seemed surprised that After what he called a drunken one night stand that this could happen. But i mean apparently had barely it happened but then he went on to say that they have a special relationship but not a relationship. Oh alrighty then and she has now announced that she's three months pregnant and he is According to her very happy that he was going and she posted the baby scan. be with. it's a boy on the post so it has to be true right. Yeah yeah lie about something like that. She'll be ninety three when the kid graduates college six years of age. It should be fun for Lynn may if it's true. We'll see it's actually. I know one or my second math ninety four if she sixty eight now in eighteen years. I said college i was. I was trying to get into the nineties so the eighteen minute together along with the twenty two minutes. Ads got thirty nine months right up. Perfect since we're talking about things. You don't see every day in marshfield wisconsin at a mcdonald's drive-thru jessica nelson videoed what she couldn't believe and she.

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