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Right now just flipping around looking for something to listen to your The premise of times up. Is this pretty much a woman? Generally I mean I think historically. It's mostly been ben girlfriends and wives seems there's some sheet and women out there too. I see. We don't need to go back to your history okay. Do you want to go back to that story again? That's a low blow to get you want you want you want to call Donna Again. And do you want to do a bit of this? Simply Steve How'd you don is worth again? How is that performance? Ancient history years ago it was four years ago when you punch the groom. I don't know how crazy this guy gets done. He's off air. He's just hottest rage. That'd be Donna's what would you say you ever phone. I don't even have her phone number. I've talked to her in four years because he did a number Steve. You'RE AT THE WEDDING. That was the last the groom that was the last time. I even saw them. And I don't really blame the groom you guys had broken up. You broke up for six months. Are we going to do this in front of Elizabeth Elizabeth here for times up? We'll get we'll get the lead clean slate. He's wipe the slate clean here. Hold on hold on okay with doctorship here for a second. Because I don't think simply Steve's talked about this enough he ran away from it if you remember. Am I wrong about this? Walk me through this. After that wedding you punch the groom it was viral. Everyone's talking about on facebook on twitter on our instagram pizza. The captain instagram correct correct. Mike now Lucky I think you were still strieber then. I was working my way but your friends who is contributing on the I have been here for seven years apart. Family you with your friends with Steve. At the time yes. Of course. Soap didn't defend me in the heat of the moment. I get a little scared as we all know. I don't WanNA fight about. We don't fight. We don't fight all the might you have to bring up Donna because I just want to say I'm still not and I do. I talk to my therapist both once in a while you did punch the groom you all over the news. Everyone's talking about it. And then you bail you to your for three weeks. After that they were by the time we came back. Talk about nice to treat yourself to some nice boss. Let's guide you that is true. The groom did not press charges. Okay I need a little bit of time to go to Europe. Get my head straight. And it's fine. He's nothing on my record. Here's the thing like the group didn't even know about you. It wasn't even his fault but I knew about the groom him. This guy. Donald still the blame. Would you prefer I punch dont no? Let's not worry. Advocating funny is on a friend who I'm friends with on facebook. Nah She blocked me twins. That's H. Twins and we all know your royal up now danger coming here after me. Look Look Karen's great. Like we all love Karen. She's great she's not done now but Steve Still got lucky with this one. I don't understand these women. They're like this guy. But here's the thing blew off. We all know people. I know you're in a mood because you don't have to take your stroll the strong. You don't need to take it out on me. Okay just because beer and was cove in nineteen all over you. You're probably right. But here's the thing we all know you and Karen your inability to conceive and all that stuff. I I told you boys this is. I talked about this. We're talking about you told your story about the thing in the cup. That was hilarious. We're supposed to be exposing others. Trump told the story of the Cup that time you remember that and he called from the we played. It did say that. And that's supposed to be catching cheaters. Not Humiliating for Serie. Show but you know we always dump on St. That's that's the fun part of this. Show come out punching station the anniversary show of course. What are you get mad about? He was more messed up than I was at Donna's wedding anyway. Donnas got two beautiful twin boys so I mean you should probably be happy for. I don't even think about it pal. I just I just had to. I had to cut her out of my life. It just wasn't good. I was in an unhealthy relationship. Okay well speaking of which these crazy morning. I'm sorry Steve. I'm sorry so Elizabeth. I'm sorry I apologize. So Elizabeth train back on the tracks hit you there. Yes I mean you. You don't have a problem with the I know you want to get just up at you. Like listen to stuff like Donna. Fighter that play. I love this radio station morning. Are you a are you a big fan? Come on their whole people don't like you it's very straight. You're happy go lucky kind of guy. I don't really understand. I try my best. But so what's going on with Elizabeth? I'm surprised interrupt us in the conversation before it's strange but she's she's she's Gutsy. I'd like to spar so. Walk us through your situation. I understand you have a boyfriend named Joseph Right. You've been dating Joseph for awhile. Yes okay holly dating him for Joseph. For Five years we met in college and I've been waiting for him to propose. Guys are sweet. I keep winning. Well how long did you? How long were you dating Karen? Before you proposed St Simply Steve. I think we were together for a year. And a half kind of a rebound but why you bring it back to me you said. She's a rebound yeah. Things with Donna weren't exactly Didn't end well honesty here. I jumped back into a relationship okay. I'm just curious that's all let's get back to. Elizabeth Elizabeth Has Been David Joseph from about five years. So I imagine you're calling because things aren't going as well as you'd hoped I suppose I'll get now. He's the one the leakey's something seems us. That's usually what leads. Mary Guess. Well yeah means historically that's been the case Bunny but just again to circle back. I mean things seem fi Stephen Don and before they broke up. I don't know why you keep bothering the guy the kids the kids look so cute on facebook and Donna and do I hate to say it on end. Dan Though seem what I don't know why you keep bringing up. Elizabeth here has a pressing situation. I am happy or I'm happy with Karen sure. Okay I mean you know again. Dan is in the military conservative. You know which. That's what really happened more than Don. Whatever happened to the Stephen Donna? You know you guys were team. Hillary did the trump that trump winning that really would brocchi guys up. Do you think or no because if you crack after that forbid look. The election was a stressful time. Because you guys were really I mean you guys were so pro. Hillary and working in the you know trying to raise money and doing all that stuff and now. I don't know Dan you understand. Dancer trump guy right yet and he can ride this ride that the trump train all the way to the end of the country okay. She's tough talk anyway. All Right I apologize. Elizabeth has something very serious going on. So how was I hate to say it is it is there? Is it the performance issues sexual different at home? And don't know if I could say this on the show but in in the bedroom haven't exactly been mind paging Dr. CL's has not a good sign at all And budding again on the want to get into this but Steve has mentioned that he encountered it together for about three months again. Why do you bring it back to this? I'm just trying to figure Lisbeth okay. We're working on our issues. Don't know one staying on Karen just because your wife's been dead for five years doesn't doesn't mean that you can make fun of me. I don't think I don't. I don't think Melanie needs to be brought into this necessary. I mean do you think that's why are you bringing up? Karen? Why bring it up on a whole sort of yeses and knows Steve on our show and again The DA cleared everything so. I don't think we really need to have that discussion again. Correct look at me correct. Correct yes who? Yes Kevin Thank you. I don't think that's necessary. There was that people when you go for hikes people fall down sometimes. Hey yes or no. I'm not talking about this this I. I don't know why that she was necessary. Wasn't offshoot started the cheap shots captain. It's not a soap opera. Hit Films. Okay it's not. I mean I know you talked to that dateline. I want to get into it. That's it doesn't even. It doesn't even matter if this is not the time to do that. Certainly there's no underlying hatred fun. We have discussion. Let's go back to visit Elizabeth than what's what's her. What's her boyfriend's name? Joseph are we is. Elizabeth told her whole story. No okay. Let me the restroom. But he gets. What are you so mad at? Simply Steve from the other night texted me to say he was going through working late but when I ask him to swing by the pharmacy for me on the way home. His coworker brand entered and said he left early. Hope it's not from throwing six that Brian's it just be straight year Elizabeth so this is all going on in the world right now. He is still working from the office. He drives home and she calls the office number now. This cellphone and his oldest suspicious. She doesn't seem she seems like a seems like a Karen. Move North of Brighton. Going back. Steve said Steve is set. I mean this woman has never read a book. I don't mean to be jerk. Look not all of us can eat Not all of us can graduate from high school. Okay I'm just I'm just saying and she got her G. That was a nice night. I went to mock. Oh yes you did. You came to the ged. Mardi complete ask the entire night. We'll pay the bill..

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