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You've got to diverse. Spaniard knowledge of today. Are you ready? Weren't you? How many new house I was at happy. And then you already before I before I breathed out the of Hannukah before I breathed out the Hannukah the C H of Hanukkah you already. We're already on it. I mean, you were you were ready. Eighty percent of worldwide jewelry. Is in America or Israel, eighty put. No, that's jewelry, jewelry, J W R Y, the Jewish people. Eighty percent live in Israel or the United States. That's not healthy. And I think that's partly because a number of Jews internationally do not feel safe in other countries. I think it's a point of great pride that they can feel safe in this country. And it's a point of shame. How many Jews have moved out of? France. Particularly Paris because of threats, and I think everyone knows where those threats are coming from. Now, we turn to the issue of president George H W Bush President George Herbert Walker Bush who passed it ninety four and over the coming days. There will be a funeral his body. Now lies in state at the rotunda. Where the president first lady will go over and visit about nine o'clock this evening. A number of elected officials will pay their dues. I got. I got an Email from somebody forwarded to me because they've taken me off their list, but Sheila jackson-lee announcing that she would she was heading to Washington DC today. So that she could pay her respects. I'm sure the Bush family has to just be delighted that Sheila jackson-lee is going to be coming and paying her respects. You may try to take. The lectern or the podium and give a speech ourselves. But I wanted to spend at least one segment, maybe two. One of the things I try to be conscious of is that many of you will have listened to a lot of other radio. And maybe some Fox News before you come to me. And so I don't simply want to repeat what I suspect. Those other outlets are saying I'm going to assume most of you are are kind of aware of highlights of president President Bush's life. I don't think the measure of the man can be taken by his four years as president. But I do find it. Interesting. The media while very keen to tell what a nice man, he was and he was. What a man of great character and distinction. Has not mentioned a single domestic policy success. Don't you find that interesting? You find that a little bit? Odd. Did he not have any? Or were his successes such. That they don't view them as success is even upon his death. We'll talk about that. Take you back to January of eighty nine to January of ninety three in the Bush presidency. Coming up. Michael berry show, if he doesn't say it. Yeah. Well. Down. Traffic.

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