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As well. who interested moments for you? Get Down to talk to you about a few days because a lot of interest interesting where like the I mean. Where do you feel? Leon is now after. He's the man. Do you think you'll get it though. No you get in twenty twenty yeah. He's he's got an accident there's other fights yeah ducts. What I would think am? That's the big money sort of name. At the moment I think Osmond his stock is raising after the weekend. I'm with a win over. Colby did everything and Roy using the microphone afterwards students you know go ahead and Shit and call Covington said he was the best known comes near him. on I think when you're fighting the guy like hobby and there's a lot more always than normal on the fight. Yeah we'll talk later on news man as far as his career wants to go for the money you so you know it is. That will be the sensible one and they don't call that often right void that you've got the strike while yarns hot and I think the UFC you've been doing obviously in the last three to four years so it's not like they're going to be targeting and liens going to have to wait out again. I'm Leon Leon does deserve it but I don't think it's going to happen. What do you think of this McGregor in order shutter Habib after Surani? That seems a bit my doesn't it. Yeah daynuss talking drain hearing. Yeah I think conor clearly is he's gone off seventy miles off foyt as we just mentioned. He's he's the man at the moment and he tweeted at forty five. One fifty one seventy accommodate. Let's go to address. Starts after bought. Yeah I think Dadis and where he's GonNa be. I think you're right what you said last week. And in terms of connor what he said added in relation to having this season I think that is the law. And he's going to go down on them. I think he's GonNa push hearts after. Do believe he's GonNa be Cable and Got On the MIC and your call from osita interesting. Yeah that could obscure thing. That is yeah. I think he'll he'll want to go with his own plan. There will be some friction along the way as always bought 'em mm-hmm you know. Paul Remedy Ruins go big for you. We need on that card. Because we'll talk with the Ford CEO in a minute because I have some not not too happy about someone onboard and well one in particular book Bobby Ruins Bring Paul Versus Ryan is is really go. You know as we said last week. Peter Keeley brand primus and in nearly of of Actually Alvin Radio in the car. And that's what we need. That's what we've been. SORTA starved off. We we've been critical of the matchmaking. On housing is Peter Equity on. Peter actually sort of agree with me. He's been very very honest and last week when we spoke with him. And I think that fight between primates and Queenie those potentially you know they're knocking on the door for a title shot after that and I think that's what Peter is being told from. What he he was saying in the interview? And I think Paul Raymond and Roy in scope if Paul wins not potentially set up a title eliminator literally against Peter. Quickly our brand promise. So so it's really exciting times for the Irish colleagues in battle-torn that proves that there is something on the line and these ballatore events exactly. Yeah and that's a good point because they have an opportunity opportunity to make a story that we'll be able to be brought into an accident and that's something that they're relax and just just one node on this ballot or card. Elliot's bullied is a veteran of nearly two hundred kickboxing fights for the second time. Now he's been matched with a would it would afford. It was never competed before debuting and pro am very like I'm not messing. I think the commission you look at the re if you remember the the taekwondo girl. She was much with a foyer. Dating thing was adequate and Mohegan Sun actually pulled it. I don't think that's I don't think that's fair at all. Bullied destroyed the golden fought in his debut Bryan kicked by just absolutely fantastic copy pointing in a poor forego. He was never fought. Before against the go. Use spend whole cakewalks stains bator tend to do with sort of lower dame fights we might hear of Olympians combination rattlers. Capon is not good enough to make people be safe and they're as safe as they can be used on A. Yeah that's that's very very odd one and it's just it's not professional. It's not professional the national on. It's it's it's an putting smokescreen you know on opponents he's GonNa be beaten on the east probably going to go in there and start on it's you know he. He's literally an putting's earnings record to a certain extent if dot they're trying to do any sun condition and it's a different thing going from the GM avoid to a decorated kickboxing champion champion. Definitely to like game yet just just wanted some talking points and I. It is a bit on Leon Edwards etc on Peter Yang after John's huge perform that you'll see two four forty. We'll talk about it later on. We've been trying to get paid her on the show and unfortunately he just doesn't have a translator with them. We're trying to get it sorted with the Great Soviet Donald. We're going to be able to pull it off. You know fingers crossed. We got him on a couple of weeks. Scared of if you're a very very carefully he's coming for you next one talk. I wanted to kind of bring up is the great sense that I got at this event. Dear Day was we're going to have we could potentially if a huge twenty twenty nine or European fighters liane Edwards is really the at the top of that list now for the welterweight title. Janas Roy at the top of the list for the one defoe jo-john Molly making big news at one twenty four. I think Mali's Detroit win streak. Jeljo has been in the conversation for a long time. You've tailing Hermansson middleweight. We're going to hear from Jack later on on Young Black Ovitz Roy and I think you know we've made a writer McGregor McGregor come back to the is the champion Valentina who've claimed abatement yeah so we have to championship soda. What knowing now yeah I think potentially we could be out in tree for one or two in two thousand twenty as well? Definitely I totally agree and I think as Kabala tour guys knocking on the door. There's there's as we said you know their stolen car potentially kicking on and for the second half twenty twenty in in order to get title shots. It's going to be a four year. Yeah I wouldn't bat against any of those us and you know I think Diane's writing the doorstep as well if you're always jock on this week he's going to read whereas off potentially crock and Floyd as well on the winner is you. You know literally not especially darn wins. I think darn his right there off the name of course no rain so yeah loads. Look forward to talking to Jackie Boat. That was like it's funny right. I'm sure you felt as though it was the end of the world as you when you lost accountable if this happens I mean your Nutri. It's it's like a reprieve it's like a like a like a second you know sort of spot for him in a second opportunity for him to take on and on if he went there and knocked out Darren Taylor submitted darn hit on the first. I A second round buying your royal absolutely absolutely am just finding. We're at the Bella tour and Media Day during the week. We were very warm. It's very warm there. Some great pictures you and your beautiful position. They're made sure I got that turtled up fantastic beauty with pop and I'm hot like he's got a lot of lot of lot of social media. Trucks and people were detained me and still fits into where to your funds on the fifty pop Baragan once they get like a photographic autographing Colvin's on you. Let's massively could've it could've bollocks Wetzel in there that's okay. That's that's not far ball soup or soon. Let's just cool ball soup but yeah it was good times Definitely definitely James and caliber of a good bit of forward air between now. Don't don't they yeah. I think James was very interesting. He's trying to stir up them obviously. He's Great Audit Portnoy's and fight when he goes somebody's like no not at all and then he goes on says she says so he basically said you know and you probably say the same to you. The cow was very much and you you know he believes college. Just look for a way out and he could have got him a brain scanner. Just sort of some CD Common Sweetie from James WE GONNA. But you gotta you gotTa respect Carlo. Although you know he's Bob Straight back in their re. Twenty seven am obviously hot. The issues with this gone. He's gone in there. Believing you know often that winning Nathan Nathan Grayson who I think people have sort of under estimate had collies on the Hamilton Star on an underrated owner appreciates go he is on the UK Ama seen this. This is a real test. This is a really really go on the top story folders. Adding the card are excellent Macho. I'm just really excited. After speaking the two of them I think I'm more excited now. Then I was maybe going into last week. I'm definitely more exhaust. Unlike this needed to happen. This is a monster you need to happen because it was never going to be sold on these two last ambushed the meeting with James Ames is this is this is a boy. It's bring opportunity for Kyle like unsteady. You have been to ballatore events and aluminum. They aren't the same as when Gallaher voids in the tree and it's a seller every home. It's huge people stayed at last week. You know you saw people leaving their goals were on or whatever they were leaving. You know this is this is this is a big thing here on the funny thing is again. You see a lot of comments on James and you know. I got a master's from my mates as well On popsy not gonNA name them. Bought 'em idiot. WHO's this class? What he's yeah that's exactly people? Don't get it. You're still talking about him. You're still bitching a moment. You're at the idiot. That's often says invested in what he wants to do. They're helping me build. Oh my brother is. He's talked about for your in Europe. I mean more than happy eater. He's talked about going. Listen to honesty. He's probably the the most talked-about roster in in in in the world who else that's what he was saying to me. He's like you know name a champion. That's big to me. Now who's got an argument. Their name James. That's crazy isn't who's the biggest name about his where I'm wanting to be the most well known fodder in Miami. It's tough to target James in terms of what he's down that later tracks and he's is unbelievable. Now you know what I mean. It's happening now for him. Yeah I am really well. Look we were talking about what a big year could be potentially for European MMA in two thousand nine hundred and look the rumors are Roy. We talked about last week on the show between Leon Edwards on the term needs to get paid there if they need to give them some money if they called alone Jack Hormones and until is another flight that a lot of people are talking about a lot of people are excited Sawyer about Hermansson believes this can happen and we go to war with this week always a gentleman fantastic and so on on his reaction to defeat ahead. What's motivated them on? What's what security is London main event? Would it mean to him so always great to speak to degrade Jack Hermansson. We'll be back very shortly to have a look up last week. I am now joined the one of the greatest European fosters that is currently competing in this area. It is none other than Jack Hermansson..

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