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But after the local kid and getting are Nado. Yeah. He's signed a one year a one year with Colorado. And they're going to be garbage yet. Jeff passan who's our ESPN. We'll be insiders the new guy and let let's talk division real quick. Let's time worse. Every single teen is sorry. Yeah. Except the dodgers San Francisco total rebuild, right? If they give Bryce laws Goldschmidt and more than that. They lost the the other infielder to oh. And Pollock is no longer with them easier. Outfielders with the dodgers San Diego is an eternal rebuild not gonna do still pretty good. But pretty good. That's pretty good is what Colorado's always been. So I'm not worried about the dodgers winning the they're going to the postseason barring, you know, tragedy. Right, right. I agree. I do think the National League the rest of the nationally has got more interesting because Saint Louis is back with Goldschmidt them. We don't you haven't been here long. I know the cardinals to think I know maybe the eighties. I'm no that we're not the only cardinal. You can even mention its Ozzie Smith as he was. I can't. Friendly, but other than that, George. We don't discuss them. The cabinats knees are from there, and they know better and they're from their don't even mention John Tudor in eighty five. Don't just don't say voldemort don't say any names that have damaged the dodgers from that team that ballclub cheated. They they hacked the Houston asked did database as a cheating ballclub. It is all their championships are tainted all their wins against us in the postseason our garbage tainted cheater wins. Yes. And we don't discuss them. All right. Great coming up next to get into what's trending, including some news on Luke Walton. We'll tell you what that's about the second. Freddie prince junior hanging out. So Donald show ESPN LA. Yes, sir. Down of show. You're on ESPN LA, Freddie, prince junior hanging out with us today. So a means gonna stop by twenty minutes. We'll chat with him. We'll go NBA with him in a second. So Freddie, you were asking me about in the break about this. French fry thing we were doing yesterday that was curious the the waffle. Oh, cut fry make the list. Right. The LA times French fry rankings. The waffle fry of Chick-fil-A eight was was number eleven on the list. So a waffle fries still counts as a front. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. The waffle fry crinkle cut Burger King was number ten, and then she never have can you ever gonna shake shack? I've had shake shack in New York and here. Yeah. Chicken sandwich as shake shack here too. Yeah, they do Wendy's Dairy Queen. I've never tried anything Dairy Queen oven had Derek. Let's not like ice cream. Basically, I've never even had ice cream Metairie Queen. You never been to Dirk, my mom was crazy. Strict man, I wasn't allowed fast food really I've only had in and out or bees. So when did you have fast food for the first time on what you did last summer in North Carolina. How we'll do are you twenty one no twenty one years without eating fast food, and my mom was crazy streak..

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