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Handle mask enforcement. Yeah, Here's another email about about Tom Cruise. Yeah, alright. Hello, Bob, says Ray. Perhaps Tom Cruise was sincere and had the wellness of people in mind. But it actually Comes to mind. Overrated actors Going to rant is no wire hangers. Good show. Okay, going. It's not me. This is an e mail that was sent Let's see here. Congratulations to Bob and four seasons at WGN. It has been a great time. Yeah, that does sound better than saying I've been here a year, doesn't it? I like that four seasons. You do complain and whine constantly. I don't think that's a satisfied customer who sent us that message. Bob, I love to listen to WGN once again because of you. Here's to another 10, please. The quarantine has turned us all into dogs. We roam the house all day looking for food. We are told No forget to close to strangers and we get really excited about car rides. That's pretty good. Of your show Brian and carry from Safety Harbor, Florida. We're thinking about you in Florida and we will be on Christmas day when the temperature's gonna plummet. I was looking at the forecast and Where is it Here? It's gonna go like from the forties to the upper forties, day before Christmas Eve and then the twenties the next day. And then worse. Let's see here. Okay? You are all knuckleheads about the produce bags in the grocery store. Just put the top of the bag between your two palms flat, Rob back and forth a couple of times and boom. It's open. Finger licking to open bags and turn pages is flat out, Grossett times. Instead of touching every moist item on the shelf to get your fingers with the best and safest way to do it is to Rub your thumb and index finger together, Generate heat and then open the bags as Weli, the trucker. I tried that didn't work. I guess I'll be giving up fresh cilantro, parsley and celery. Thanks. Yeah. Yeah, That's because we said we'd be over there getting our fingers wet by touching by touching those bags and let's see instead of wiping one's hands and produce hang onto the wipe used upon entering the store, then use that wife. Wet your fingers for pesky bag opening. Um I'm gonna get to a couple more of these. Here, um Just once. Can Bob say Merry Christmas? I had nothing against saying that I just like saying happy Yuletide. Because that's what Ed Norton said. One time in the Honeymooners. And what's the other thing? I say, Glad tidings. That's from another one of my favorite Christmas TV episodes. Happy Days, fans, he said, to have happy Yuletide. And was Bob's election envelope opened already..

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