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And who knows what else we'll have it covered Brentwood Erbil show AM seven sixty talking breaking news. I've there was no evidence of any remaining disease following the surgery, according to court announcement. So they think they got it. She's resting comfort comfortably at Memorial Sloan Kettering cancer center in New York's probably played a role in her passing out fallen down the other day unexpectedly. Could be certainly, but everybody wishes her well, so everybody, you know, she in Scalia who I loved where we're friends so she must be a good person. And. Despite what some textures think about me. I never wish ill on old women. I'm not that kind of guy that would be a hell of a deal, man. If Trump had three supreme court justices in his first term that would be unreal. And you thought the calf battle was crazy. Can you imagine what the next one would be like? When you're replacing a flaming liberal. Oh, yeah. Oh, yeah. The stakes would be so high. I just hope the cancer doctors were able to follow the simple instructions. Mark. Ruin I. Yeah. Yeah. Right. So you've kicked me enough. I'll tell you what that was an amazing job by however, many people were aware of this. Or maybe she and her doctor, like super careful, quiet, snuck out the back door were disguise, whatever. Because that's the sort of news. It'd be hard to keep quiet DC. Yeah. Bad health for our BG. Wow. I do. Because he asked exactly you don't blow in it. I keep thinking. You don't know how to run a kazoo. Hey, do we want to do? More clips. Absolutely. I would love to. It's a fun. Look back at the year. That was it's coy clips of the year. Starting back over at the beginning of believe, which is all sure why.

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