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I don't know if you know i i i look at it and i think i mentioned before the competition and spor can bring out the best of media but also bring out the worst emulating that competition and i think speaking for the three of his ear you told you does douglas story where you nearly chee it does douglasville rubbed talks about dive in and you only get one over on the opposition may not walk him of nix it behind is when all costs you and wherever that's a good thing so avenue carrick own not i'm not quite sure about their sports you have a character to build a character do you halfcup setbacks along the way because i see these sit and let the people like paul scoles gary neville in other chopchop players the they're they'll still be characters even though they have not gotten through failures but they will have done right in their youth football skull suffered with asthma terribly and he was struggling for a long time in the youth team a law people thought it was too small to make the trump should he faced incredible challenge is not just in his football life i got him i'm quite well in his personal life massive incredible as you know and he's had to come through them i think sport does give you the opportunity to develop the resilience that is so important but like the it can also i mean think fred's right some people get destroyed by the i've people i came through in table tennis some other for those of the photos but they wouldn't get selected for the england team will they would lose a crucial match early in the career and their response was on for my toys at the premise on giving up i don't need that spoil i think you need to have and you can develop it through time you do need that resilience foot will be so you talk about building character and just thinking about it i ju speak then thinking about it.

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