Netflix, Alterra, Rick discussed on Houston's Morning News


You ready to pay more seven thirty nine. Turns out that this is the biggest price hike, by the way. The Netflix said through twelve years they've been doing this kind of stuff the standard most popular plan going from eleven per month to thirteen bucks lowest plan, we'll go from eight to nine the highest plan with Alterra high definition will jump from fourteen to sixteen dollars. It's so it's another two bucks a month. Twenty four bucks a year. There's a lot of people screaming about it. But mobile surveys have suggested that you're going to go ahead and pay. You're to buy subscription know your average net flicks. Subscriber watches, ten hours ten hours a week ten hours a week survey. Sixty four percent of the subscribers said, they'd pay up to fifteen bucks a month for Netflix only thirty six percents that they'd never consider canceling if they raise the prices, so Netflix, if you're upset with them, they're not taking you seriously this booth that way, seven forty now, you're a NewsRadio seven forty KTAR, h I've got a guy who can lower payments for you. What would happen to your world? If you got rid of credit cards, and you just had a house payment man, even if your house is more of all money and save on interest. A lot of folks are considering that right now Rick loafing financial is doing a lot of revise to wipe out credit card debt. He's a big believer in that he can certainly helped put together a plan for you that makes sense for you in the family. So what you give them a call to a one eight four four thirty three hundred you know, let him do the hard work. You know, you just you're put yourself on the right path year, you'll show you exactly how to do it. Or if you're looking to do a major home remodeling project. You're overdue for that. He can now get your refi.

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