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She's great. Never. She is. Can she does the show? Amy. Do you want to do a podcast? The Nicole buyer is pitcher she's a delight you'll ever enjoy much better than Jesse. Yeah. Well, you know, can't be everything. So you can't sing the music man and be delightful. That's true. I'm not saying you're not delightful. Will I think I think jesse's what we call a single threat? And I got about a half threat by single thread is talk singing. Yeah. A little bit of a threat. I'm a regular Rex Harrison. Good suspender hook when you said that you so he checks my ideas, I've listened to your podcast every day, which which was the thrill to hear. I mean that's confused by it, but also thrilled. And then he said, hey, I also love NewsRadio. I love to get all kinds of you point. Sure, your podcast is a real experience. Joe Rogan said a first round on me, which was a thrill. I mean that is rates. Wow. And I hope I'm not getting him in trouble with Dave and Buster's corporate by saying that I don't know if he was. You know allowed to do that. If that's part of the I can help with this. Dave does listen a few weeks ago? Buster kind of sent me a really mean Email. We said something that I've sat him. Yeah. You don't wanna piss off BUSTER about BWI three. Yeah. And. He said all he listens to now. It's never not funny. Well. You like stop podcasting yourself because they're nicer than we are. That's true Canadian. And then he in the first round on me. And then he's like, you know, I I was thinking I was going to run into you here. And I am I that predictable. My that predictable. Do. I like to think of myself as an enigma. You don't know whether I'm coming or going. Anyway, you must've left a lot of clues. I'm listening. Yes. Dropped he got together. A crack team of our nation's greatest scientists and cracked your code keys. Right. I imagine he has a you know, he has a bulletin board in his room with red string tight various newspaper articles this way that way up. See Dow do I run into Jordan? He thought work at Dave and Buster's and sure enough. I mean, you never talked about Dave and busters on the show before. I think I have actually have you. Yeah. I don't really pay attention. You get Nicole in here with the fire. Go pyre replacing everyone that is a really beautiful experience was experience despite despite it being spite mean, not feeling like as much of an enigma as I thought I was because I assumed I was one. But yeah, it was really really nice when we have a shadow to Alex, thanks for that cocktail. It was great. I had a lovely time at the Hollywood and Highland. Did what was your drink tequila and club soda? Nice. You know, it's kind of a romance drink eat, right. Yes. Right. Just a just a masculine dude hanging out at David investors to real straight. Right. But in yet refreshing, my dad, drank it, my Granddad drinking tequila Spitzer like I should call it a sprint lighten it up. A little do you ever regular drink? What are you? What's your? I like Campari and soda which could not be more of a ladies drink. Yeah. But I met her now, I think I think a lot of like international gents like Campari like a well-traveled Gent. It's an appeared Tif. Yeah. Sure. When you ordered your tequila in soda what shelf. Did he go to? Just. Rail. Yeah. Hey, alex. Fuck you. I know it told the nice store. Hey Gabba about how about middle shelf. How at George Clooney's tequila. No. Wiki? Look, you please turtle entourage equa- Renta tequila multiple celebrity to kilos he could afford. But he chose Alex claims that he listens. Yeah. We'll see. We'll see about that. I had a really nice experience with a fan. Oh, yeah. Totally to tell probably a lot of our listeners. Don't know. But when I'm not working at maximum fine..

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