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Story Rishi sunak has taken over as Britain's third prime minister this year sunak met today with King Charles of Buckingham Palace with a traditional royal request for a new leader to form a new government. Sunak becomes the UK's youngest prime minister in more than 200 years and he faces growing economic crises on day one before sunak made his first remarks in his new role. The outgoing p.m. said goodbye to 10 Downing Street. 7 weeks to the day after taking office, Liz truss left it. This has been a huge honor to be prime minister of this great country. There was no acknowledgment of the political and financial turmoil unleashed by her hugely unpopular on fund tax cuts. Instead, a defense of her low tax pro growth agenda. Then, wishing her successor Rishi sunak well, Liz trusts walked off into the history books, the shortest serving prime minister in British history. Vicki Barker, CBS News, London, no freedom for Brittany griner, a Russian appeals court upheld the WNBA stars 9 year prison sentence for drug possession after she was arrested for having cannabis oil in her luggage. The reaction from The White House was swift. The White House calls the Russian appeals court move and other sham judicial proceeding. National security adviser Jake Sullivan says in a statement that Britney griner continues to be held under intolerable circumstances. There's been no indication from aids to President Biden that the Russians are seriously considering the prisoner swap, the U.S. proposed earlier this year to see griner and retired marine Paul Whelan returned home. CBS News White House correspondent Stephen portnoy. Now to the war in Ukraine, all eyes are on kokov dam in southern Ukraine. Ukraine's military says it has intelligence indicating Russian troops are going to try to blow it up, creating a major humanitarian crisis. Kurzon is about 11,000 square miles in size. The population is more than a million. Many have left, but there's still many more there and if this dam were to be blown up, not only would it be lights out for much of the region, but it would mean certain death for a lot of people because of powerful, fast, wall of water would be released from this 100 foot tall dam. And the flooding would be devastating to the entire region. That's a double DT open national security correspondent JJ green. Meantime, Russia's invasion of Ukraine has left a devastating toll. The World Bank estimates the cost of the damage to the country at more than $300 billion. Do they German and European Union leaders gathered a group of experts in Berlin to start work on a plan to rebuild Ukraine. The president there says they have $17 billion in fast recovery to repair them to repair damaged hospitals, schools, and transport infrastructure. But they have not received any financing for longer term rehabilitation. There's lots of anticipation for tonight's Pennsylvania U.S. Senate debate and a new poll indicates the racist tighter than ever. Mitchell Miller on Capitol Hill, a new CBS battleground tracker poll has Democrat John fetterman up 51 to 49% over Republican doctor mehmet Oz that's closer than just a month ago where the gap was 5 points with fetterman leading. Also this evening, a debate in another close race between Colorado democratic senator Michael Bennett and Republican Joe O'Day. Both have run ads seeking votes in the political center, a fly fisherman for Bennett, and O'Day stressing he's a political outsider. I'm not a Democrat

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