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In the dugout and he said that boone had said you can get a couple more pitches but i wanna get everybody else in and so he thought he was just going to throw to one batter and then ravi wasn't warmed up enough so he threw again so it's a very happy clubhouse in there and take two out of three and you know the three blowouts one way or the other but this is when this offense is clicking in you know how easy how much easier it is for hitters to do what they do when the pitcher is gone out there in shutting out the other team and i think we've we've seen our share guys who you feel happy for when they get a first something or other kyle got shoka who was over twenty two went over seventeen last year still looking for his first hit and he couldn't have gotten the bigger one yeah now is so good at he was great on the field and i said someday you're going to be able to tell your kids my first major league hit was a home run yankees red sox sunday night against david price and he said hopefully it won't be another take this long to hit another one you felt great for him his job was to go out there and catch severino i thought he did a really good job seventies pretty cool within knows what he wants to do out there and but i thought i thought he did a very good job behind the plate is a big pressure moment for him and he's waited a long time for that and that that home riding almost got another one now that hold on was was very big i haven't seen anybody i hope he got the ball back i hope somebody brought the ball and i hope we will find that out now we all get to breathe a little bit relax for another four five weeks until the yankees and red sox meet once waiting on the schedule doesn't stop everybody boy what a great weekend the red sox are getting on a plane to go face neck sherzer and atlanta atlanta braves are coming in here yeah so it's about that and then there's a road trip having friends this is the good thing about after after wins you see the kids of people down here i think that's a good yeah let's you know what we need to go have fun with them and we'll talk to you tomorrow case we thank you susan yankees beat the red sox by the final of eleven to one one run in the ninth of aroldis chapman who needed to get some work in and that was it luis severino six two third scoreless for his thirteenth win and a bunch of home runs all of which you will hear next on the gara energy yankees post game show on the wfan yankees radio network hey this is dr drew before you hit the.

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