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Boston has made its way they finished off their series and have and have made their way into the World Series. Milwaukee is in a must win situation tonight against the dodgers. If they don't we have a Red Sox dodgers World Series. There's that Stanford one in college football last night and coming up this weekend. We've got our guys team are boy. Oh, my kid. Yeah. He's he's a Cal kid. Yep. And they play at Oregon state on Saturday. All right. Is he going to travel? No, nope. And I know Corvallis SETI clubs this weekend setting. He can't go search for extraterrestrial intelligence. He's in the club. Kid follows in his mom's footsteps, I'm like, we gotta get off this planet. He's like. Yeah. I agree. Let's do it SETI. He where did they do? Can you walk me through briefly a meeting of SETI I have never been to one? How can you not ask that? Well, I have asked him. They do like satellite monitoring. They have like he's got his own. They monitor satellite do and they they're looking for any anomalies, and that kind of crap they're searching for extraterrestrial intelligence have they have they found nothing nothing so far, but he set up his own near earth, satellite monitoring station at our house. And they when they meet they sit down. I don't know. I can't even I mean insurance super nerdy. Well, whatever you're not curious. I mean, he's told me I'm telling you, they monitored. They just talk about stuff. I don't know. Those meetings. Unlike sounds great. The planet deer. I'm interested in that not the just what they do in meeting. Not bowed part the actual search for or even finding. Imagine that finding that. And then what do you do yell and scream, I guess. It's out there young Californians love their bathing. So I hear this study from it looks like Stanford and they find they what they found as they steady. First of all, they do say these things easy six they can kill you. So they are not a safe alternative, maybe safer. What can they do to you? But the other bad for your lungs, but one popular brand in particular with the name jewel J U L is at. They're the ones that look like little thumb drives. Oh, right. So you've tried it. Yeah. Daniel uses those. They have the same level of addictive nicotine as nearly two packs of cigarettes. Damn that's from Stanford University research, they found that young jewel users were far more likely to evade the passer. So they're saying this jewel is so much more addictive that the kids who end up on that one and up. Or, you know, maybe they'll always be on vaping or whatever. But there's no question that and listen a lot of the tobacco companies are now behind these of quarterback list things because what they want is nicotine addicts that's all they care about. So that's I have a couple of questions for you. Because that is a curiosity. So they're adding nicotine to these. It's not in the product. They add it to the product, right? Well, when I started vaping ten years ago. That was what I was looking for. I was looking for a smoke free alternative to smoking. And for me. It's for me. It's great. I definitely I don't have the stench. It's not nearly as expensive. But am I still nicotine's bitch hundred percent, you can pick the level of nicotine that you want your could just like like I chewed the gum, and you can get a different level of nicotine to wean yourself off. You can get zero. Got you. I got a zero amount. You're like there's no point in this nothing to this was I that was a long time ago. But yeah, so I'm at like one point eight whatever the mesh grams. I don't know what her little cartridge cartridge. So I don't know. All right now. Okay. So what flavor do you use? Menthol menthol. Yes. They're kind of Minty. According to the Stanford research this article, by the way is in the chronicle today. Most of those using Joel scored high on the addiction scoresheet, Joe users were far more attracted to the products of non tobacco flavor like fruit meant and mental then they were the tobacco flavored variety. So you can you could buy one of those that you do to taste like a cigarette. They do have ones that are. Tobacco fled their gross. It tastes. They taste gross. Like mine is just you know, all I really wanted a mile thing. You know, I like to pull in I like to have the quote unquote smoke because it's just water vapor doesn't have a serious. Some of them do smell like I've been around kids doing those giant. They have like a huge reservoir. Huge cloud of smoke. Right. And I can smell that smoke in it, smells, fruity, or or whatever they have a labor is. I can't really small mine. I mean, I think that they do have there's a there's a smell like rooms I'll walk into that. I that I have often I'll be like, oh, there's a certain smell. But it's not like one of those. It's not cloying smoke smell or a fruit smell. Well, jill's the big one. I guess they've got the majority of the market. They say. And that's the the one that's loaded with nicotine. Well, I'm sure they're all they've all got their content. And and that's you know, that's how they keep you on them. When that Bank see video. Sorry when that Bank see painting painting went up for auction said the bees, and then the things started to automatically shred itself. I saw that story in the news and just loved it. Just because I'm interested in our artists. They're so weird and creative and see the world in a way that I don't and I liked it. I thought that was kind of neat that he he? Right. Put so much effort into it. You'd think he'd finish the painting and be like off into the world. You have a good was that he didn't ever want them to solve for profit or something or sell it lead in want them sold at auctions specifically, and we think that he might or some agent of his must have been in the audience because the minute the gavel went down somebody pushed the button and activated the shredder that was in the frame. That's right. So now, we're getting news that although the shredder was designed specifically and went off as it was supposed to. Everything did not go as planned the artists intended to shred the entire painting. So it did only jammed or stopped or exactly right. It was not supposed to stop halfway. Oh, how do we know this because they're saying it now? So this is the story. I've got here in front of me. When it was sold at auction. It sold for one point four million dollars the hammer came down and the painting started to shred itself right there in front of everybody. What they're saying is. And and by the way, these people loved it like now that they've had time to sit on it. They're like he made more art right there in front of us. Right. Following a surprise intervention on the night, we are pleased to confirm the sale of the artists. Newly titled love is in the bin as in. It was destroyed the first art work in history to have been created live during the auction funny. When the hammer came down last week, the work was shredded I was at first shocked. This is from the buyer who paid finished paying the one point four million for the half shredded. Art. But they're saying that it was meant to be shredded entirely, and that the thing didn't work as it was supposed to video showing the whole thing shredding. Oh, really? Yes. Well, it must be an example of it. But they who is supposed to go all the way and not not hang from the bottom either like fall through and fallen to the floor at the end of the new video captures. What should have happened? The entire painting shredded essentially beyond repair collapsing onto the floor. In what is endowed -ly meant to be an exuberant statement of artistic value. Zero right. So it's now worth no wonder if that chapter's hide that it's now worth more because it half shredded. So she's still got half the paint. Imagine. If all of a sudden, the shredder kicks it. She hangs it on the wall. The program to be a delayed reaction. Oh god. It's neat though that this is great all of that is in talking about. I don't know why you wouldn't right. I mean, I guess because none of us would ever by any art, certainly not for one point four million. Yeah, we don't have that kind of money. I'll buy art, but has got to be reasonable. I can ice poster housing flour. Yeah. You got black light kiss pick posters. Don't tell them. You got rid of retains that from a studio to my shock. And you can keep the kiss. Poster you kiss is. I had to I put shelving up everywhere. Have to take them all down. Even the ones on the ceiling, by the way. Thank you for the new bracelets for my kids. Your does not in fact, have three and a half inch. Thank god. No, I open them up. So I'll bring them bet. She was like she had the one on almost were mostly fit and said, I'm going to share this tomorrow. And I was like she's going to fix it. And choose all. Nope. It's fixed. It's good hands. Meanwhile, there's a huge piece of elastic showing circulate her arm turned, right, exactly. So we worked for her. And thank you for fixing or. Oh my God. I'm just please. Send me a picture. Can we will do a post it? Oh. Always looking for something. The most popular place to eat for late night. This is, you know, not a local story because I'm sure there's little spots in the mission. People would say, oh, we go to our talking to you, right? Taco Bell, though is number one the favorite place to grab late late night foods. That's when it's the best. Garbagey food McDonald's. Wendy's Jack in the box and Denny's is your top five when I lived in Saint Louis, which is the only time I've ever been to white castle. That was where he would go you go to white castle. But I was like I tried them. The one time they come in like little sets of three is that the white castle slider type. Yeah. Onion gross look without onion. I don't know. I went there. One time. I don't. What they heard her stomach. They were wrong. I just won't eat. Because even though I like the flavor, I I wouldn't do it. But something that is like super skinny like, I hate having the onion flavor in my mouth because it just overwhelms everything else. Right. Our tax numbers eight hundred four hundred three six nine seven. Here's a couple of things you guys had to say, my father parked Bart. And I walked a Bart and stole the car for the day. Dipped back before he returned to the station not in the same spot upon arrival. He thought it was strange that the car was in a different spotty thought. He was having a senior moment, and yes, I was clever enough to return the seat to his specification funny. Who kept my dad's card? Bart be bad. If you couldn't find a place to park it later came to pick you up for eight says, I would've have that kids asked to. The kid who stole the beamer fourteen years old driving around the moms beamer, she pulls up next to them. Oh, man. A little my dad parks the car behind them get given that belt. Oh, really? Oh god. And then I I don't know who's in the car, maybe a sister or something laughing. Oh, man. He's gonna get it. I was skateboarding down walnut. During ninth grade, whatever and sandy drove was driving by and just. At school. Skateboarded my daddy and bear we are. Stick to the side roads. We're skateboarding back to school. Leave us be don't make so much noise about it. God. Oh my God. Yes. Oh, it's so uncool. Oh, yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. What you did was on cool being yelled at in front of other. I guess you got to avoid situations where you would be the person getting yelled at she did that cause you care. Yeah. Sure. Sarah paid five hundred per ticket. Jessica. You you've been someone. I don't remember what I paid. Well, it was expensive. All right. Thank you for remembering that. Sara, we need to do Hamilton karaoke. I can actually do guns and chips. Oh, goodness. Says four zero eight. Yeah. I don't know. All the words though. That's my problem. I don't know. All the words anything except old songs that have known my whole life. I don't know why five one zero doesn't like me. Oh third row. Tickets on order four hundred and fifty a pair VIN. Thanks in my face. Right. Thanks so much. That's true. Loved that. Twentieth Century, Fox theme. I know that's a man. Trying to get chills. Good. We still didn't get through everything for little Yati induce world..

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