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Right me. You gotta put that in perspective who come alive on brandy brandy. We'll come today. Yeah. Forty years old she'll come alive and get a big movie if somebody obviously they're going the same way next Helgi again is it. Is what else will come alive? Kissed. Cargo doodle do it's been awhile since that Kakuta, dude. Yeah. You back on the show for a day before you take off another week schedule. I see. Yes. So. Yeah. Last night, fellows, I was hanging out in in Westlake on new decree went to Tuscany Italian restaurant that criminals, I think a little bit. That's the talian. Go ahead. Make the fat joke. No. No als you you missed it last week, but he made a lot of fat jokes lesson. I didn't make jokes whose factual there's another thing l z missed. In his room and plays. Well, anyway. I was having dinner. I was having dinner at this restaurant on top of having dinner there. I had a couple of people talking to me, whatever do was making his point one me to know, some people that I didn't necessarily know. He's like, oh, you know, this person that you know, texts and said, oh, I saw I'm sitting here having dinner next Keyshawn Johnson. I'm like, I don't know them. I know of them all they say, no, you said, no, no. So incomes, the great one Wayne Gretzky. Okay. Okay. So I had a opportunity to sit next to Wayne, and you know, chop it up a little bit. And he said that he enjoys listening to us in the morning, Wayne Gretzky GSP in Los Angeles. No ESPN LA the morning show. Keyshawn l z and Travis. So what you did there, Andy? Yeah. Yeah. That was good. And he said that you listen to Caspian Los you late, son. He was just saying how you enjoyed it. And we we you know, we're on point. And that's the I can name drop because his Wayne Gretzky, and I actually talked to Wayne Gretzky, and he said he'll see us Thursday at the Genesis open is threat Rivera and Riviere in. He would pop in and have a few words with for somebody like you does it still feel cool to get a compliment like that from Wayne Gretzky? I mean. Yeah, he gave you an assist. I haven't seen. I haven't seen Wayne last time. I saw him was in New York. I mean, I'm seeing him as he played for the Rangers. Or no, he just in New York at the all star. Cafe remember that? When all those guys have put their money in. It was like he was there for whatever. Right. Yeah. So we were there and hanging out with it was an MVP cafe it might have been MVP cafe because it was like him Jordan comeback player of the year. Cafe it was something. But that was the last time I saw him. But we talked last night a little bit about just the show and. Eastern with Phoenix. He was coming back from playing in pebble. And he played in pebble in came marquess home to have something to eat. And I don't think he's involved in Phoenix from where think he's out. Okay. Did you have with them a puck? Now. I just always imagined hockey guys have mucks with he wasn't big. Now. He's not a big guy. He's not big small. But he was good. Yeah. No, no. He was great. Really? Did you ask him about Paulina? USC they're recruiting class in the books. Twenty-six players eight of them four stars eighteen three stars stating three star..

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