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Rhonda rock. There is a new twist in the political showdown between President Trump and how speaker Nancy Pelosi. We get the latest from correspondent saga megani? Pelosi at asked the president to delay next. Tuesday's state of the union address until the government reopens. He told her today he'd show up as planned Pelosi is now denying him access to the house chamber and says he will not be allowed to address a joint session of congress while the shutdown continues. I said, I think it's a very very bad thing for our country. And it's a horrible precedent. The president says he'll do something it'd be alternative which he did not reveal President Trump's approval rating is being affected by the thirty three day old government shutdown. New AP poll shows a strong majority. Sixty percent believed the president bears a great deal of responsibility for the shutdown about one third place blame on Democrats and another. Third blame Republicans almost three in ten Republicans think President Trump bears a great deal of responsibility. While seventy three percent of his party say he's at least partly responsible. The president's overall approval rating has reached its lowest level in more than a year. Thirty four percent. It was forty two percent last month his approval among Republicans remains close to eighty percent and Donohue Washington in Florida today gunman who opened fire inside a Florida Bank the afternoon killed five people before he finally surrendered to swat negotiators. There's been a tragic day in our community suffered significant loss at the hands of a senseless senseless crime, she bring police chief Carl Hoglund says a man called police dispatch this afternoon reported he'd been firing shots inside the Bank initial negotiations failed to persuade the barricaded man to leave the banks. So highlands county sheriff's office swat team entered the building continued to go to the man, eventually surrendered. News and analysis, townhall dot com. Either is or isn't when it comes down to it. That's all that really matters. When choosing a certified pre-owned Mercedes-Benz, it's either certified by Mercedes Benz, factory trained technicians isn't either backed by an unlimited mileage warranty for up to five years for isn't..

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