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These things. Now, would you say would you say that you and Ann like the sense of humor was like for personality are y'all real similar or is it like sometimes the opposites get along better? Well, if you were exactly the same. I'm so different from an which I love about a relationship. Which is probably why it works if you work in a lot of ways. And Lynn, my oldest sister is so much more like me and her mom. And it's more like our dad. So the weird brunettes in the family. You know, yeah. The brown sheeps. Yeah. Exactly. So I was the only blond one in my family and they were at the rest of my mom dad's sister. Do you find as the younger sibling, if y'all had any tension, do you find that you would smooth it over before would you bow down first before her? Yeah. Like stubborn wise, would you just go like it's not worth it? Okay, you won. Yeah, I'm always like the peacemaker. That's right. I was feeling and think if there's 10% so interested in drama anyway, so it's not worth it to get through this whole thing of some dramatic moment. Like being right isn't really that big. It's not a big deal. Yeah, exactly. Because it'll sort of wind itself out anyway when you are right later. They'll figure it out later. Did you get to walk away like the bigger person too? Right. Okay. Have you written a song? It's another thing that you so much in common. You guys are really kicking it right here. I felt like we were bonding earlier on. Write a song. Yeah. That's a good. Did you ever did you ever write a song that you liked? You go away, you write a song and you present it to Anne and Anne's like, did you ever have one of those? Because those are I mean, I know why I've had those. I've had those in my writing when I've partnered with somebody where it's like how can you not like this? This is genius. And so yes. And were you proving to have one thing about Anne being the kind of you have to have that style ego I think to be that kind of front woman like that? Front person singer like that. So you have to have balls. You have to have all this confidence and when I would just kind of tiptoe around and go, hey, what about this song or something? She'd be kind of like, eh, you know, because it would maybe be me singing it and it wouldn't be her necessarily singing it. So I sort of got relegated in a lot of cases because I wasn't always the most confident lead singer in the world. And she was. Yeah. So, you know, that's but you can really. It's a lot to live up to in the same bandwidth. And I love singing. I know. And you're really good at, you should stick with it. Yeah. Yeah, maybe it's a thing. Maybe this music thing might panic. I mean, you know, I keep your secretarial skills, but I think that this other stuff is really gonna pan out for you. You mean like not try to get the day job? Yeah. Well, don't burn any bridges, keep sending out resumes. You can always seriously fall back. I never had a real. I mean, music is a real job. But you've never had a real job. It's a hard job. For sure. But I never had a per se, a real job. That's so much. But no restaurant. You know it's a real job. It is where it's a real job and you know huge job. I know, but when there's people that come to see your show and where we were afterwards, and the people that'll just like, they don't get like, I just got done with a full day's worth of work. Nobody gets that. You were actually working just now. This work. That's work. People don't understand. People don't get it a lot of times, like you'll be playing on the stage, and somebody's like, oh, oh, like in the front, just trying to get you to sign something, you know? Like all your work. Right then. Yeah. Okay. Okay, so right now. Okay, so I've been admit I did something to you. Jesus. This is not gonna be good. I have a feeling. It's terrible. But so y'all are playing it. It was the arena theater in Houston, my sister and I went and it was a great venue to go see a show because it's not huge. The stage just so slowly turns. Yes. Oh, God, yeah. Yeah. Oh God. So lazy Susan showed. It's the lazy Susan show. 100%. And my sister Neil restaurant. Space needle. Sorry. Front row. Let me see what song was it that you started playing? Right, we get to the front and east. This was exactly what happened. You start playing guitar and then I'll tell you the song. And it's just like we're in the front row and you come up and you were like, you know, in front of everyone in the front like leaned down with guitar and she's playing this in right in front of me and my sister's right to my left and this is what my dumb ass did. You're playing a solo. No one else is playing. I held my hand up. For a high 5. Wait, while she's in the middle of a solo. You're a fucking high 5 while someone was playing a guitar solo. You and my sister's looking at me. So I was just like, oh my God, she's right here in front of us. And I just put my hand up and my sister goes, holy shit. What are you doing? And I'm like, you actually, this is what you pick, you had like another pick. You threw you high 5 make another pick and play. And then I hear quite some time. I'm like, oh my God. I just wrote your entire guitar solos. You high 5. My sister has a picture of it, where I turn around, I'm like, I'm just kidding. A thumbs up, you're kind of slowly backing away. We got in the car to leave my sister's like, you were the stupidest fucking idiot. You could have been trained on freedom. You disrupted Nancy Wilson. I was like, I can't believe she high 5 me, so. How old are you at this point? That's a cool moment, though. Oh shit. I don't know. I was probably like 20. 24? Yeah. I wanted you to be 14. This is crazy. Not to let my sister. How are we Friends? I'm embarrassed. Or something like that. And 24 25, and I just turned around and I was like, the whole time I was so excited. Nancy Wilson. High 5 me. I mean, I couldn't wait. I tell my parents, I was like, don't you remember when I would get mom's broom and I would practice those power kicks? And then he's like, I remember you locked the door and the sliding door to the bathroom no longer.

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