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Cable will be joining us in about sixty seconds time same with some of our terrestrial radio stations. We say, hello to our Sirius Xm channel to eleven listeners as well. That's why we call it. A Quad Cassar really is not enough methods of distribution for us to enjoy. I do have a ton of mugs on the desk suzy when we were watching back peacock the boy, you gotta letting Biella mugs. I've got the peacock mug. Proud, right. La Taylor. From the now I, guess burnt down. Spite store of Larry. Bird's right. Yeah. Got That I. don't even have the richeisenshow Maga forgot to fill it up with coffee. Because you like it when I'm tired over caffeinated I, do when I do the. caffeinated a little feisty little spicy like that. Okay. Now. Again, Dolan Wormhole is what we call it here on the rich Eisen show when I were the subject of the Nixon James. DOLEMITE. Beloved, knicks that have been ruined by this man. comes. Up. I'm about to have honest celebrity who probably enjoys his purchased Madison Square. Garden do I probably why gingerly approaches subject with Matthew, Modine or what do I do you're? You're GonNa like what are you talking to the edge and peak over a little boy? Just go full private pyle do I just go? Just for it. Okay. Very good. Or backyard a second. Okay are quad cast family is back here peacock. And satellite and terrestrial radio, and later on in the show, we've got the Olympic champion Michaela. Shefrin will be joining us on our program Michael Fabiano before her talk about fantasy football and man do I love this film available now today four, k ultra hd and Blu Ray as well as digital. I cannot believe this film was nineteen eighty-seven. So thirty three years ago is when full metal jacket I hit theaters and Stanley Kubrick one of his finest films and did an amazing job in this in so many other TV and film that I've enjoyed him and pleased to have to talk about full metal jacket and more Matthew Modine how lawyer Matthew? I'm doing very well. Thank you, rich. Oh, thanks for. A have to get you a Matthew Modine mug there for the for the your collection. What is on the Matthew Modine Mug what is on the monk here could put on my desk. What I don't actually have a matthew. Call you out I mean. Okay. Because, I want to be on that that. Cup Shelf. Okay. So maybe maybe is there. Do you have any? What do you have an item from full metal jacket? That you still have. That that you're proud of having. Do you have any? Do you have anything from that? Movie. Senate have Mickey Mouse, watch and the peace button from my my that I were throughout the Vietnam section of. Movies Button and. Mickey Mouse Watch called out for wondering if that's a your version of a sick joke correct from that film. Yeah. Actually I forgot I also have my glasses. I have a pair of to those glasses. I mean. It is such a classic film Matthew and I just WANNA START I guess with the broad question of what it was like to be in the employee if you will of Stanley Kubrick for that movie. Way Way. You can't compare the experience of working full metal jacket with any of the other experiences I've had working films just because of the sheer length of time my wife, and I were in England. My son was born there was almost twenty two months almost two years of of of being in England with with with Mr Kubrick and the experience was extraordinary he The good news is that there's an APP there's called full metal jacket diary was a book, and then it was made into an out by one of the genius has it Apple Computer young men named Adam Adam rockoff He took the assets that were in my book, my diary and the photos, and he did high red scans of them and then had me record the the the well I guess. Let's call it the dialogue in the book. and he made it into this amazing award winning what they call the APP you mentally that's free right now to celebrate the release of the book. So if you have an IPAD, if you can borrow an IPAD, the IPAD full metal jacket diary is free right now. So that kind of covers, all of the the stories that that I had while I was making the film in and it's from the point of view of a young twenty, four, twenty, five year old kid who's gone off to work with. The arguably one of the greatest film directors to ever get behind motion picture camera. So and again, it'd been seven years since its previous won't it was his previous film was the shining. He had not put out a film since that classic and now here he is putting his take if you will on the Vietnam War experience. What did he do to you guys on the set to make you feel like you're really in the you know one? Well, he he wasn't like a to director and and the only person that was kind of. Like that, I think was Vincent and off Rove who kind of went into Kerik turn kind of stayed in character he played private pile who you know shoots himself in the latrine at the end of the first bootcamp sequence. Of. But but Stanley Kubrick. To everybody's shock and sometimes dismay with not a horrible mean. person he was cruel but he was fair. that that you. He said the reason he has to do so many takes is because So often times actress don't know their lines and when when he says that doesn't mean that they don't. You know they haven't memorized show up in and repeat their lines that knowing their lines had to be something that was is. Unconscious as you know, a a marine recruit who could take apart their rifle and put it back together with a blindfold on that you you you had to. You had to really understand what it was. You were saying to the point where there was no other logical thing for you to say even dry evenly Ernie played the drill instructor. Had To. Work on memorizing lines. That he had contributed to the script. These were these these are things that he said that were written down and put into the script but then he had to memorize them as an actor would be able to repeat them over and over and from different angles. You know that that a real drill instructor doesn't Doesn't do that. You know which leads me was a real structure. So he had had to go through the processes have been able to repeat those lines and repeat performance multiple times with. What they call continuity that if if he reaches up and scratches his head the scene and they change the camera angle, you have to reach up and scratch your head in in the same fashion so that you can edit the movie together with continuity. You've all we've all seen those mistakes and movies right where somebody's holding a cup of coffee and one angle and you cut to another wranglings not holding the coffee. He's taking a puff on a cigarette from this angle and there's no cigarette in his hand and the next. Shane. So, what would be the average number of takes you? You had full metal jacket. Kubrick math I like to think of our Howard. Or. Let's play cowboy in the news in boot camp in the Vietnam sequence. When we get ready to go into the into that place, the square where the sniper is that just picking us off one by one. So there was a before before they're when eight ball gets up and goes into the square and gets shot we were at that wall are listen I don't care if this is the greatest seen in the history of moviemaking I'm going to tell everybody that I was at this wall for one month. So that sequence, which is probably. I don't know maybe three or four four minutes of film we. Walked for a month get out of here. But I mean do you want to say did you ever did you ever want to say hey, a or? Even here in two thousand, twenty, Mr.

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