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He beat randy hughes nets. He's jetting. He's off to the end zone the races for a fourteen fourteen tie just like that. It's a seventy five yard score. It was the longest in super bowl. History pass play at the time. The steelers have some luck with seventy five yard scoring plays. Because willie parker did it. So many years later with a seventy five yard run. John stallworth was i to do it. Without seventy five yard pass. Bradshaw had all the numbers in the world at this point because he just got seventy five yards per a ball that he threw about seven to eight yards. Down the field stallworth. Three catches hundred and fifteen yards. The steelers are tied. Thinks seems so much better. Tony and it goes back to that confidence. I mean they had such belief in themselves and and you look like such an innocent little pass pick up a first down but star wars. You know like he said at one time check no always told them never be surprised by the big play and you know he catches his ball. He gets great blocking from swan. You see grossman downfield blocking. And it was such a beautiful run by him and he. He was so so athletic and not giving enough credit for Kind of athlete. He wasn't it was he was such a great receiver clutch receiver as both and swan were and it was. It was big for them to answer right back after after two quick touchdowns by dallas the score right away. A few plays later to tie the game. It just said we're not going anywhere. We're we're in this game and this is going to be a shootout. Stallworth would not see much action in this game. In fact you would see more of t. Bell because stallworth was injured. I don't know whether it was on this play but Maybe just a little bit later. But he was on the sideline getting attention. He would be sorely missed but as you know things. I did go well in his absence with other players. Stepping up and the defense would start to step up. Tony steelers always had a quick defensive score on the very next series. When a joe green sack jarred the ball loose steepen dallas territory but st for nested and pounce on it instead. He tried to pick it up. For a short touchdown couldn't get control on the cowboys. Recovered dallas escaped by punting from. Its own endzone roy. Jarallah perhaps the worst player in super bowl history clanked his fifty one yard attempt off of the uprights. Actually hit the crossbar. More crisis was averted for dallas. I'll tell you what roy guerrilla from new mexico. He struggling super bowl tony. Yeah he was. I mean for nineteen seventy eight. He was twelve or twenty six. I mean could you imagine that today they would. They would run them out of town while before the before the thousand six field goal. I didn't realize he had such a strong leg It was a great attempt by him in this game. You know you're you're kicking fifty one yards. I guess you have. You had nothing to lose and he let it revenue almost made it. But but you're right he was. He didn't have great super bowls. He's his accuracy was. I was left a lot to be desired. it's surely was now. Tom landry team looked like they were going to take advantage. And take the lead as they drove into steeler territory. But they couldn't do anything with their lock. Pittsburgh put a ferocious rush on star back and is offering was snagged by mel blunt. Another interception at the steelers sixteen this time. It was the cowboys throwing an interception. He returned to the twenty nine inside of the two minute warning. Because of a fifteen yard penalty on an unnecessary hit by billie joe debris on blunt. The steelers had great field position before the end of the half bradshaw. He took advantage and lynn. Swann was his weapon of choice on this possession. Get fifty yards two catches in this in this series tony with twenty six to go bradshaw road right. And it was a thing of beauty he found a leaping rocky bleier in front of db lewis for seven yards in a twenty one to fourteen lead at the half..

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