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Odds after the latest iPhone Update made it harder for APS to track a user's online activity. Something Facebook depends on for ads. CBS News correspondent Adriana Diaz reports. Apple users must now give permission for APS to track your online activity data. Before you could only opt out. It's about time. Jenny Gephardt is with the privacy nonprofit, The Electronic Frontier Foundation. Switching from Opt out to captain is here that is that's going to really Make a lot more users opt out of this tracking feature, but it wasn't built for user's. It was built for advertisers. But companies like Facebook and Google generate billions and online advertising harvesting your data. Facebook said. Apples move will harm their small business advertisers, and it's about profit, not privacy. Facebook took out a full page ad in The New York Times to oppose the move and another bottle over social media. Some lawmakers are taking up legislation that would find social media giants for banning politicians from their sights. Florida's governor is set to sign a bill that would do just that. Governor Rhonda Santa's is also said to sign a bill tightening voting laws, which is sparking fears of a boycott. Prominent Georgia based companies like Coca Cola in Delta Airlines, it spoke out against the state's election law. After fierce public backlash. Question now is if Florida businesses will take a similar stand on this new bill. The Florida bill puts restrictions on ballot drop boxes and voting by mail, among other things. California heading toward a likely recall election for Governor Gavin Newsom, the Democrat, is under fire for many From many for his handling of the pandemic. At least seven Republicans have officially said they're running to replace Newsome, the most high profile of the bunch. Former Olympian reality star in transgender activist Caitlyn Jenner Jenner, now under fire from many LGBT groups and activists herself for comments she's made about trans athletes. Some states moved to pass bills aimed at keeping transgender kids, especially trans girls out of school sports. Gender now says she'd back such a law in California. Jenner's latest comments coming has over 30 States consider banning trans athletes competing based on identity. In five states is now against the law for transgender girls to compete on a girl's sports team in public schools that was ABC, Zoran Shop, the ongoing restaurant worker shortage around the country. We've been covering well, it keeps getting worse. More and more people want to go out to eat, but almost 40% of restaurant owners say they're having trouble finding people to work this after six million people. Lost their jobs just in the first six weeks of the pandemic. CBS is Tyler job reports from Wisconsin. The restaurant is so understaffed that it has to close up shot every Wednesday. Everybody's on the breaking point. The pay is not.

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