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Should be fine whatever it's neat it's free i'll probably give it a try because we on yeah for sure on a bummer note i guess for those who care dr sowell's remastered on the switch has been delayed to summer as well as the amoeba that part did you have it preorder now you're bummed out away if you more months for your preorder now that's fine if they can fill more orders we just you're just hoping that you know take all the time you need that amoeba right yeah and then release it when all because like after i saw what dark souls remastered is i kinda just don't care anymore 'cause i have that game already it's on what did you think it was going to be like anything changed at all okay the ps four and xbox one versions are still coming may twenty fifth bummer for switch users yep yep pretty typical for switch users like what game comes out day and date on the switch at all very true speaking of mobile games nami announce a castle vania game for us called grim warr of souls and it looks like it's trying to be like a normal castleblaney game i have no idea how well that'll play with touch controls it says it's the four player cooperative game that's also interesting that's like that's the arcade game harmony of despair yeah i'm wondering was going to be like that i didn't play that one but i heard it was bad it was okay not it's very good actually.

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