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While he has no is that I don't understand. I mean, I understand. He's a young man. He's 43 years old. That's like messing up by the way, and I say 43, I mean the movie 42 because I'm bad with numbers on number six. So 42 is the movie. He's actually was 43 that some of that age has colon cancer. First of all, which is unheard of. I mean, it's got to be extremely In the fact is, he's able to go through chemo, do all these things and still act in movies. I mean, honestly, literally, is Black Panther. Yeah, And if you look at him in Black Panther, which was filmed around to the 2017, he was diagnosed in 2016 from what we know, and he was probably filming around there. He was filming, at least for one of the Avengers movies where he made his first appearance. A cz Black Panther. But if you look at him in that movie The dude's ripped. I mean, yeah, Ripped. We're not even the kind of shape that you and I would not be in even in a normal day, much less fighting can er s O. It's just It's unfathomable to me, t think about that and to know that he was going through all that when he made Up to 10 movies during that time, by the way, not just Black Panther but up to 10 movies during this this time when he was sick. Yeah, Andi, that's somebody could make a movie about him. Oh, yeah. Could just how you how you keep the colon cancer secret and do all this other stuff? He was an eventual Oscar winner. If not, if not win our nominee for sure. But I mean, if you look at just that James Brown movie in the Jackie Robinson movie. He played Thurgood Marshall on and he was He was in that too. Yeah. He's playing Thurgood Marshall in Marshall from a couple years ago with Josh Gad. He he was the go to guy for many biography type films. But he was also a and he was just 43 years old, Like, right in the prime there. We were going to see a lot more from him, which is very, very, Yeah, that is that is rather sad. And I saw that one. Woe that. Ah, you know, it was one of those things that tweet came through in here. And I guess we're a number of people. That would be one of those moments. Where Where were you when and same thing here? It's like, Wow, I absolutely I mean in thinking about, you know, in the past 10 years of things like this that I've covered Kobe Bryant. Yeah, yes to mind Print France and Robin Williams in terms of their Michael Jackson and they're back in the day too. It's just like Whoa, sure didn't see that coming. Well, I mean, you know, but with Michael Jackson, you kind of knew it was coming. Not that you kind of knew that he was going to die. But you know, you weren't surprised that something happened to him because just the way he was living, But the the You know, when you're talking about total shock surprises, this is rather well because he's so young. I think that's the thing is to anyway. Jason Nathan's is in the Hollywood one would return talk.

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