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I'm danielle enemy continue talking with jordan goodman if you haven't heard of him i don't know why because he's been on every radio station probably in a co and all the news hot stations because his career in a an illustrious one is backed by 13 best sellers and we know that you know mean i think it's hard i mean if you haven't heard my program before i'm daniel end so go to daniel in dot com i just added another to the front page we added another 100 program said there is now cup hundred just on the front page but there are hundreds and hundreds and hundreds in our in into the thousands that are leaning in but i think for people like you and people like me who are just in in the market know we're just constantly in it one way or the other somewhere medium you and i get together and we're like six thousand phone numbers ladylike while you did that god and so it's exciting but a lot of people go to a job may have children they come home they don't have it in the world you know in limited in exposure of material and information so you really have to rely on either your smart fatherlike rich shed poor dad or you have to read a lottery you how to find a way to get areas off in the financial world is a lot of financial literacy people don't learn about the stuff and the result of their while a credit card debt of the investments are during aging learning about this has a big payoff yes what's the fastest way when you have a line of.

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