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On original. But it works. Yeah it's horrifying. I love how they found the one dame. This is my thing with matt damon. When i was reading this and i was in. I was in the icu. At this point when the. I don't remember what happened. I was made by. Let me one thing. Let me just say everybody out. There just had this platform. I would like to help people genuinely if you have anything wrong with you that you need to go to mayo clinic. Don't think about it. Go to mayo clinic there levels to this thing and it's a whole different stratosphere of care it's unbelievable. They all communicate. Any of the complications are entirely my own. Doing i was stupid happened. They said oh. Well you'll be up and you'll be able to walk the next day. Just don't lift anything above eight pounds really eight twelve weeks. Yeah i walk. I left five as early on a plane which they did not want me to like. Stay stay. I got stuff to do so i get on the plane then i called. Missile has a progress going and said well. You know. Feel feel pretty winded. Though like i saw when i did a grocery run and there it was at costco. But i got to sit on the like the liquor cart and i said you went. Are you out of your mind. So you could be walking. Said we meant from your bedroom to the kitchen. No you go into doing a grocery run so it's my fault. It was you but may have unbelievable. Own matt damon. Yeah and i was watching this story. Unfold remember sitting there. He said you know. I told the joke to my daughter. I use the f. word and she's she said you know that's a that's a an old word address that's a word we don't use anymore and i thought well it's just a joke and i was sitting here. Going matt damon. The these people are in such a bubble. They have such a lack of self aware. Mac daddy did you think they were going to give you grace. You weren't going to come and train crucify you as you're telling the story about how i would no longer going to use it. It doesn't matter it once poetry and said the the aspirin deposition have you ever said the and everyone else in the country. Who's ever glanced at paula. Deen could've answered that question for you. She said yes guilty. Done matt damon thought. That would be okay with it. No what rocky hiding under were now is the time that he's finding out. That word was like fifteen years ago. People like how we probably say that. Oj got acquitted because of that. Have you ever said it mark furman. And he's like. I've never even heard of it. Just say no. We have you on tape singing eleven times ordering a pizza. That's not me. This is john. Berman this is how it order pizza into my house. Take it up with jets. Nazi facts former vice-president appropriate. Houston lobbying it not. It's just crazy though because med damon's the one that leaked it in an interview. Yeah yeah why did you bring it up. Yeah who's this. Pr issue you know what he thought he was going to gain points like. Look guys. I don't say this anymore Hold on a second. You must be forgiveness. Grace must be thinking of those right wing. christians. You said it ever. I was just telling my young daughter gay bashing jokes like we do with the dinner table and corrected me. i say gay bashing joke. You say rollerblading accident point is we'll have a little bit of fun was good. He was desperate for attention needed to be in the media and not been good. No it didn't really do like him. They still try to make him out to be a tough guy. All right foot two inches of okay so before we move onto people who are still stranded in the united states which is a serious giving it attention. Oh american people from the united states transneft game roger. Try not to mention stranded here too. You just depends on where you look. It's a problem with our allies being stranded there because you know biden handed over his rolodex. There Private phone numbers thumbprints and a list of their hobbies ups coordinates an interpreter. That helped him. Yeah yeah y'all set up a fake dating game show to just just just people could show them like okay. We're gonna arrest dating game if if they invite you to play games there is no family feud in afghanistan. Just a tresin exists. well there is. But it's just getting your wife with rocks g. Mrs steve harvey showing up like from the shuttle. Anytime will white person says. Anything on that steve. Harvey treats them like garbage. What do you take stupid. Little picnic. sandwiches sandwiches ozzy sandwiches. You've waiting win the with. Is you want to know them hunt. Them won't crack gregory legend. All right before we onto that. We did want to react really quickly. We're going to be talking about cova. The numbers to and you blame me. Unvaccinated i blame the fat. So let's lead this off with lefties on talk of taken to spoken word. Poetry commonly referred to as people who weren't good enough for the open mike cut to express their Astronomical progressive achievements this year we fought the bad men who are in tech skills ripping shop between the tube socks yes. It is and squirmed under silence. We billowed we whose voices riddle protests signs and prayer marches. Who's advent is not canvas. Generally for that eight real estate those that claimed the failing that would choke the work of. There's women who worked wouldn't hold higher office as the girl who'd been wreaked had asked ford again. She who knew nothing paints her gender betrayed her he knowing nothing of us but our will to be small we'd were not easy to silence. We using our voices and being on still we with our hands out and chess cracked from climbing to poetry often boiled eggs and a crack time ever blooming chest and cracking from anything with gravity choked us with lee perseverance on their old grounding is where we shall stand we the believers who have never forgotten that life liberty of red white and blue. We unbounded and resurrected stood up to the batman and shouted me to the batman this year. We are quiet amending our textbooks on writing our ghost and strict gender roles no matter gender or go showed up to rattle.

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