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Nicole. Welcome to the stage tiktok Nicole Hey Robin keep it's your favorite genzer Tiktok Nicole here to congratulate you on a hundred episodes. I, didn't think I would live this long. So that huge accomplishment. Rob You did it a hundred episodes and you manage to avoid talking about food in every single one? It just want you to know that if it's because you were dentures that you shouldn't feel insecure about hey hey, even I struggle with solid food from time to time. AKIVA I. I'm so happy that in your time on LINEAPP, we've been able to see all the different sides of you. It's been really empowering watching you completely on the fact that you are incompetent is an inspiration to all who strive to do. The bare minimum is the reason why send a recliner so that your knees won't swallow up from sitting for too long. It doesn't hurt to stand up and stretch every once in a while to get the blood flowing. Okay all jokes may be low hanging fruit, but it's kind of my thing and besides when I said that Robyn Akiba were pushing fifty I was just seeing we're not for what it truly is a midlife crisis. anyways, you guys should be proud to be honorary boomers. I. Wish I lived in a world where I didn't know that Lisera thing and you should be even more thankful that you're not as bad as the true enemy cringe millennials. So in honor of one hundred episodes of Robin, Akiva early, Bird, special I, need Robin Akiba New podcast I am proud to present the clip of the best boomer joke about boom show. You wishes Norwood. glazes are yeah. You don't want a glitzy is. The hot hotdog. The kids are calling glitziest hotdog outdoor. Was it okay. that. On daily wrap facts, dot com they say it's a handgun. I think it was a gun but I think you. Speak Liz. I've definitely more pro hot than guns. Yeah. Karate Ah. How many hotdogs you can eat one set I mean. That this is my life depended on it. No you're just starving. It's like Sunday night, but you didn't have lunch. How many hotdogs thrown on the grammy I do love hotdogs but sure I mostly choose not to eat them. But. If you were like, all right that's within the House I'm having hotdogs tonight. Are you having one two, three, fifty, I'm GonNa. You can't imagine I coud if I wanted to eat many but I don't choose to so you're saying one. And probably have one hot dog and then other and have other things I probably multiple hotdogs. All.

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