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Marco Werman. This is the world. We're all glad you could make it here this Monday. Now it's Zielinski turn since two thousand. Fourteen war in eastern Ukraine has killed more than thirteen thousand people. White House pressure on Vladimir reporting ambitions than Ukraine seems to have been fruitless so today Ukrainian President Volodin Music Linski sat down himself with Putin in Paris to find a way out of the conflict. No one expects a quick resolution from these talks today it is a big test for his Alinsky and his first ever meeting with Putin back home. Ukrainians are watching carefully. Protesters in Ukraine's capital this week were chanting freedom to Ukraine. They are critics of Presidents Alinsky. And so he's Balodia Mirror array of. I caught up with him today while he was visiting to Boise. Georgia array of is a member of the Ukrainian opposition party in parliament. He says Alinsky is not prepared. Word for these talks for Mr Putin. This time is best to have negotiations as well as the United States is very focused on its own turmoil. Moyle cost my mistress LESKIV and without this support it looks like who you are along. The best results of that negotiations in hidden tonight is resolved. Why would result in Paris? Be a good thing. We cannot trust any agreements with the Russian Federation. So these point should be a basic for Mr Lansky never trust Putin and John's counts on possible agreements agreements that might be signed after the Normandy. Format meeting might be signed well or not let me ask you this. So Ukraine doesn't feel the support from the. US is right now. What does that mean for presidents alinsky reputation at home? I think. Now it's a matter not as lansky personal reputation but it's a reputation for Ukraine's and the situation what we are faced to the United States. Well you know I can compare it to the very very popular in the United States. Super Bowl Games now. It looks like the Senate Republican or Democrat teams and the ball is Ukraine and during game. No one cares about the ball to be an object of insurer. American police seats is not bring cycle consequences for that object. Well it's really not expecting an American football analogy but Thanks for that anyway. I mean there are concerns about capitulation in these talks in Ukraine. But isn't the president's Alinsky right. Don't you need to have some sort of dialogue with Russia to at least start to end this war to have a dialogue with Russia means that Russia shoot via radiation to end this war day. Could pretend at stake may making us step forward to these. He's at the same time. Getting results Russia will come back To eat the usual style of conduct and aggression rationed will be ongoing so only one thing needed for awhile. It's to keep on sanctions until Rushton situation will be ready. Floreal bees not for indication who singing in the background. I'm sorry for that again I cannot. It's Georgia Mr. IRA have one more thing. I want to ask you about The Ukrainian public because Volodin Amir's Alinsky won by a landslide last spring in the Ukrainian presidential elections and and surely with the war. In the Dumbass in the background Ukrainians must have believed. That's Alinsky had some skills our strategy for dealing with Putin. Why did they vote for him? If they didn't thank he could be. A peacemaker. Should promise to be a peacemaker. It's a completely different stories. We deal with such a player like Russia duration so made its choice by emotions. It was not so rational choice we signed on that sleek exceed TV serious servant of the people that were Zilinskiene old show and people somehow trust the hero of the series whereas Alinsky Alinsky plays as the president of Ukraine. So there were implication of people hopes they stipulate their wishes for his as a personality than choose the people with the real program and the real background vladamir array of is a member of the Ukrainian parliament has political critical party European solidarity part of the opposition to President Vladimir Zielinski. Thank you very much for your time array of thank you more on Ukraine and the fight against corruption there later this hour here on the world in the UK it's untrustworthy versus unlikable according to much of the British public that's the grim political reality. l'idee staring them in the face on Thursday the UK will hold its third national election in four years and depending on where they live. Voters have a choice between one a several different political parties. But let's face it. This is really a contest between just two key political figures. Boris Johnson the current Prime Minister leading the Conservatives and Jeremy Corbyn leader of the main opposition party labour. The world's ORLA Barry reports from London. The was a time not so long ago when both of these he's British politicians were actually quite popular with voters as mayor of London. Boris Johnson passed in the goodwill that Olympic Games brought to the city in.

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