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Well if you want to watch that debate roundtable conversation we had today on conservative review on crtv crtv dot com promo code dais is how you can watch just a quarter a day if you're not yet a subscriber to crtv use my name dac use my last name days as a promo code when you go to subscribe to crtv dot com and you're going to get our show every single show we just announced today we're adding a show with eric erikson the original founder of red state as well so we continue to add to our programming lineup here every almost seems everyday certainly about every month at crtv and the price is the same a quarter a day you can't beat that crtv dot com promo code dais just a quarter a day for you to subscribe to crtv are let's get to it pop culture tuesday and we look at the intersection of pop culture and politics from a conservative standpoint on this podcast each week and last night we had another front open up in the nfl anthem war and the role trump is played in that process etcetera i want to make a steak a couple of markers before we get into the latest front just to make sure we all agree on we where we are heading into this conversation i have been before the president even began commenting on it i was writing columns and doing commentary criticizing these protests and the leftist ruin ruination of sports in general we all stay we all agree to that yes okay and i've gone out of my way to be fair you know when i've read stories about how much money colin kaepernick is donated to political causes he agrees with i have shared that information so that again we don't to me the truth is good on its own when i've got the truth on my side on need to make straw man arguments i can appreciate things about the other side of the argument that i find notable laudable even if i don't agree with their argument at any level whatsoever so i you know colin kaepernick is more than just the straw man i don't think he's right.

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