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Falkirk county, loudoun, Arlington, Stafford, and culpeper counties combined around 7000 homes and businesses in the dark this morning. The lights are out for an additional 3300 in the city of Fredericksburg. We'll keep you updated on the restoration process throughout the overnight early morning. The man of fairfax county police say fired shots inside Tyson's corner, the center, the Tyson's corner center last weekend, has apparently turned himself in 22 year old Noah settles, also known as D.C. rapper, no savage, is now in custody this morning. Police say settles was involved with a fight between two rival gangs, and we may see gas prices dip this summer after all. President Joe Biden is calling for Congress to suspend the federal gas and diesel tax for three months. It would knock about 18 cents off a gallon, lawmakers are preparing a peer skeptical of some of the move. Again, another one, stay tuned. Say the WTO for more on these developing stories in just minutes where the time now Thursday morning June 23rd is 1218. Grab a good weather all the 8s and when it breaks, good morning to rich hunter in the WTO traffic center. Good morning, dean, no change on the bellway on the attitude just before you get to Connecticut avenue that crash remains and involving the jackknife track to trail along the left side, you squeeze right to get by, clean up operations continue unclear how long that will last, but again watch out for a brief but abrupt slowdown as you head west to George avenue toward the crash scene. The rest of the beltway through Maryland and Virginia remains in pretty decent shape despite all the wet weather. And again, some of that wet weather is moving out for now, so but you are still dealing with a lot of road spray out there. Some good news over in prince George's county, the rigs rod reopened reopened each way. Near east west highway, that had been closed for a couple of hours due to a crash, but again, that has been reopened in both directions. Lister found some standing water outbound on the Clara Barton Parkway, essentially between a little false pumping station and the turnaround in Glen echo, so again, you want to be careful there. He was saying it was like 6 to 8 inches of water across the roadway, passable with care, again, especially in the darkness back there. There's not much ambient light out on the Clara Barton Parkway be extra careful there as well. And again, it's going to be closer to the pumping station then to the turnaround. And for not only affects the outbound lanes, not affecting folks traveling inbound, rich hunter WTI traffic

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