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But now we've got the Colgate fight soft network mixing in here fall. Playoff time. Dan, talk to me talk to me talk to me, a lot of people love in the duke's James Madison on the road favored by what a point and a half a point and a half losing their coach to Charlotte. I imagine he's going to coach throughout the season. But I don't know. I have not looked up Mike Houston's itinerary so James Madison starting quarterback. Ben 'Dinu Chee. Yeah, panther. Yeah. Pit in December all over the place. They are good. They're good. They have a common opponent in New Hampshire. I believe J m you lost little team in. Colgate. Raiders did beat the Wildcats of New Hampshire. These are facts. Only tight you don't just go into Andy Kerr stadium with the loss of Hampshire hornet back nest that is and occur. Freaking stadium. They have actually played in the FCS playoffs in two twenty fifteen. Colgate had the same starting running back and big Jim Holland. That's right, Jamie. Does a great job against the run. Colgate has run the ball pretty well, James Hall and had a huge game in two thousand fifteen. So certainly revenge spot for the dukes as they marched into Hamilton. Colgate has a chance to finish with the F C S scoring defense record set by South Carolina state in the late seventies. If they're able to hold down James, Madison. I cannot for the life of me wonder, why anybody would take a defense like this or bet against defense like this at home. Yeah. In the friendly confines, again, a it's not a Hornets nest 'cause that's multi sport field. Thunderdome thunder alley. Oh, yeah. That is Andy Kerr stadium. I'm going with the Gators here. I think I have them winning by about eight points and moving on to the Christine that's going to be a problem. We've tough at North Dakota state. It's going to be. Tough. But I have Colgate here. Yeah. I'm worried that James Madison feels sledded by their seating could be and that the disrespect could fuel a deep run into the tournament. But then you've got that distraction element of their head coach leaving for Charlotte and Bendinha Chia mobile guy. Can he opened up the playbook against a fast swarming defense? The up you mentioned J m you has some history in this torment their formidable opponent for Colgate raiders. But there is a reason that the over under is thirty four and one half points at because coal gates defense their mobile, they're agile or hostile. They're at home. They're the yacht goes home of the week. Like that and have to. Whom dog of the week? They're in Andy Kerr stadium. They don't play that frou frou football. They want a king and gal they wanna get down in the mud in the blood and the beer give me Colgate. Here. Waking up the echoes of Andy Kerr's legendary nine win season back in nineteen thirty two. Is you also look anchor on Wikipedia a weird coach incorrect very weird coaching career din. Yeah. He played coach basketball. He coached track and field. He was all over the place like Jim Thorpe, but up north. Yeah. That's true..

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