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CBS news time, ten forty one FEMA has distributed more than twenty million dollars in assistance for people displaced by the campfire, most of that has gone to housing assistance, including vouchers for hotel rooms disaster response is in an early phase. But many people will eventually get longer term housing and trailers or apartments FEMA has excuse me. Fema has also distributed five million dollars to help with other needs including funeral expenses and interior secretary. Ryan Zinke is back in northern California. The tour wildfire damage and says the fire recovery cost likely will be in the billions he said that he would rather spend that money, however on other public services seek he said that he has been astonished by the devastation caused by the campfire secretary of agriculture Sonny Perdue joins Zinke in visiting the ruins of the town of paradise. He suggested donating timber from the plumas national forest to rebuild. Build paradise. And as the Butte county community recovers a dance teacher is determined that the show will go on here's KCBS mortgage Shaffer. On the data campfire broke out dance teacher at inspire school of the arts and sciences and Chico. Jarrah miles was preparing for that evening's fall dance showcase over half. My damn company lost their homes, and of course, he had postponed the dance show because everyone was scattered to the wins. I had students that left in may never come back today area. But those who have stayed have asked. When are we.

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