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Fired after posting a picture on social media of her niece at a black lives matter protest holding a sign that suggested shooting police officers. Detective Flores or Fuentes says she posted it on a personal account while off duty showing pride or nieces, activism that she does not advocate. Violence against police supposed to sense been removed. Fuentes was subsequently fired June 19th by Springfield Police Commissioner Boston University Considering a name change for its longtime mascot, Rhett, the Boston terrier, Retz, named after the male lead character and gone with the wind, While the school's primary color scarlet can be seen as a reference to the female lead in a letter from B use President Robert Brown, he says, with the recent nationwide protests against racial injustice It's time to question whether it's appropriate to continue to use the name for the mascot given gone with winds, portrayal of the American Civil War and Postwar Reconstruction Thie Emancipation Group statue depicting President Lincoln and newly freed slaves that since Park Square in Boston will be coming down after a vote from the Boston Arts Commission. Local artist was the catalyst starting the conversation and W. B C's Jim McKay has more date has not been set on when the statue will be taken down, But the plans were in the works. There will even be a ceremony when it takes place artist Tori Bullock first started a petition to have it removed and placed in a museum. He says the whole process hearing different opinions has been truly helpful to the larger discussion of what's going on in America. Right now. The city of Boston provided such a cool space for everyone to hear all perspectives and being completely really There was nothing that people said that swayed my position. But there was definitely things that people said that maybe hey ow that I didn't understand that people didn't see what I saw when he looked at that The statue was paid for by recently freed black Americans, however, they had no role in designing it. Now there will be new sign it at the site of Park Square, explaining the events that took place with the statue's creation and removal. Jim McKay W B Z Boston's news radio This morning in Columbus, Ohio,.

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