Officer, Austin Bergstrom International Airport, San Jose discussed on 1A with Joshua Johnson


Of San Luis not Mexico in route to Dallas was diverted to Austin Bergstrom international airport in response to turbulence is of injuries that were sustained onboard. Austin emergency services says seventy three people were on board the flight to. Were hospitalized with non-life threatening injuries. Wall Street staged an impressive rally Wednesday. The Dow closed with a record point gain of one thousand eighty six as Steve Beck. No reports. It's a welcome surge after the market delivered. Its worst performance in a decade last week and took another big tumble on Christmas Eve, the market has far to go to get back to its highs. And it's premature to think extreme volatility is over, but for now investors can feel relieved they more than recouped what they gave up Monday, though, not last week Steve loss if traders needed an excuse to go bargain-hunting the day after Christmas, they got it from strong retail sales rising oil prices and eased uncertainty about the Federal Reserve, the president had bashed chairman Jerome Powell for raising interest rates, but one of Trump's top economic advisers, Kevin Hassett says Powell's job is safe led by retail and tech stocks. The Dow and s&p rose five percent, the NASDAQ. Surged almost five and seven eighths per cent for NPR news. I'm Steve back near Asian stocks posted gains Thursday following Wall Street's rally. Japan's Nikkei index rebounded about four percent. You're listening to NPR news in Washington. From ABC news. I'm Alex Helmick. Authorities in San Jose are continuing to investigate an officer involved shooting that left one woman dead and another one injured. Peter Jon Shuler reports for San Jose police officers opened fire yesterday on a woman who allegedly rammed a car into a patrol vehicle following a five mile chase. According to police officers responded to a report of gunshots early Christmas morning police say the officers tried to stop a vehicle matching the description from the report, but the driver kept going police say that's when the driver rammed the patrol car, and the officers opened fire the driver was pronounced dead at the scene. Another woman was taken to the hospital and later booked into Santa Clara county jail for an outstanding arrest warrant police have not released the names of the women. No officers were injured..

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