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So this little tip of the holidays absolutely your browser is the tip i'm interested to see what he does experts he started from comedy and podcasting did in areas like you mason so you're gonna euronext canal known giovanni oh in your film is going to be on pole and how oh that's your dream run yet good best villa yeah okay best villain i don't think there's a best it's probably cap'n america riyadh's epa mercury he's the best who's the best villanova emi mason let's say who do we have we've got john handle vita the vulture joyful keaton michael keaton john hammond was john havens baby driver snark well the fact that i forgot he was in that is probably yes snark now adam driver from that move all the movie split which is another harm review i just realized i saw no mcevoy no any wise the clown interesting i thought and he look is interesting but also again he's a character were ultimately he's these multidimensional damon from beyond spicy men olives and and ultimately had i paid him is literally paid him mistakes sticks yeah it's pretty good yeah like it did he know there um look i think the meda be it's also between probably caller ran because yeltsin nuance does and michael keaton in byrd man yeah that's five and has rubbing in the third man i think it's because maybe he isn't but just a it's not to say good villain yes very nearly wants got us nearly one my best malval villain paul that i put out there all who didn't who joins is the juggernaut one official 'cause you rigged it one is yes.

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