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Picture. That's a great Easter egg. Yeah. Hey, I wish you hadn't called me up on it because then people would be like, is he an idiot or is he just? I think you know which campfire is there. That's right. So we're going to Spain. So look, so Louis, again, beating max, a late charge to reclaim the lead turn one clash, any particular standard memories from this one. You look back on this part of the season, you go, it was all like it seemed pretty at the time it didn't seem chill, but that compared to how it finished, like it was quite yeah, it just seemed much more cordial as I think I said earlier. But yeah, we absolutely, well, it was again. Another one of those, yeah, those run ins and yeah, it did require quite a mighty fight back from Hamilton elves changing strategy and it was I think Mercedes playing the hungry 2019 card again, where they sort of look at the situation they're in the race car right. Let's go for this strategy. Later in the year of the Austin weekend, I had the pleasure of going up to Mercedes to sit in their race support room, which is basically their NASA mission control. Imagine that where all the stash and everything works. And I met the guys like who are behind all these strategies so running the numbers all the time. And they talk about Spain has been one of those weekends where they were like, yeah, we got the numbers and we were like, guys, we got to do this because we're not winning the race this way. This way we do have a chance. And it was just one of those strategies that they brilliantly pulled off. Yeah, some brilliant brilliant driving by Lewis Hamilton, but as Alex alluded to earlier, not entirely helped by his teammates. That was poor from butter. That really was like what he doing. I can't jump out of his way. It's just so easy. I mean, you can kind of understand that. So you see some buffers probably thought he was in a title fight. But I really enjoyed that Spanish Grand Prix and actually that first corner moved from Max Verstappen Martin if I can share my big memory of that race. I think I cheered when max did his move and just to be absolutely clear for idiots on Twitter. That does not mean I was wanting max was happen to be Louis Hamilton or that I care which one of them wins. It's because it was interesting. Oh my God, was that interesting? They did that. They came from so far back and he threw it down the inside. And it was Hamilton went yeah, no, we're not crashing. And he turned out of it. And I think again, the reason why it seemed so called you at the time, was Hamilton wasn't forcing the issue. Verstappen didn't change throughout the year. He stayed at the same incredibly aggressive and I think needless the aggressive level. It was Hamilton that changed, and that meant things boiled over. And I think Lewis was wrong in changing. I think he acknowledges that he spoke about it later on in the years. At certain point, I was so far behind, I couldn't afford to back out of contact, no matter what happens. That made it really interesting. So what a move from Verstappen, it certainly made for an interesting race and then as you say, that strategy call from Mercedes, I think you can go and watch it, I think it's an F one TV. If you've got access to that, you can see the whole story, the decision making, you can hear the guides that is because you said the tactics team deciding. This is what we're going to do. Title style I need to know everything about it. And I know that we are. You guys up to James thousand. He's like, yeah, we are doing this. And it worked brilliantly. Alex will stay with you and talk about Monaco and again probably when people cast their minds back. They're thinking about heartbreak for a clerk. They're thinking about will nuts stuck on Bottas and they might not necessarily put that in the context of the championship battle, which was max walking away with victory Lewis a bit absent in in 7th. So Monaco Alex. Yes, this is my first Monaco Grand Prix on the ground. I've been there for formula E, it was really interesting going back for the Grand Prix, but I still haven't had the full Monaco experience. I'm particularly keen on it because again there wasn't an answer you've had a Red Bull. I don't think it's gonna happen anymore Red Bull or do I do a floater home passing on the Thursday nights obviously Fridays were a day off. But now they've changed them on a schedule. That's, I don't know if that's gonna happen anymore. So I don't know if you'll get bio called the full Monaco experience. You also see me what I thought would be invited now. But anyway, it was an under capacity because of the COVID rules. They were just wasn't the pact Monaco that you would normally see. But it was very interesting. To be able to shame because they opened the track to all the cars so that they teach and still function in the evenings. I wasn't that keen on running that track because you were literally just eating traffic. Yeah. But I walked around it and it's just fascinating. It's just really, really interesting to go and see the entire track. And it's just really, really interesting to get different perspective on it. But yeah, that weekend Martin as you say, was it was a very interesting in terms of the context of the championship because again, this was another weekend where Louis Hamilton, as you say, was just absent. He couldn't get the tires working, the softer tires on those streets. And it was Bottas that could. And how often have we been able to say that in the 5 years that they were teammates that Bottas just nailed it and was the lead Mercedes driver was Hamilton was frankly nowhere. And then when it came to the strategy calls, the Mercedes made, they were very, very aggressive, stopped in first of anybody. He just didn't work out because avatar covered them. And that's the reason why I think McLaren widow on the race because if Pierre gasly can easily stop an undercard on Lewis Hamilton and Mercedes, I don't think Ferrari wouldn't have been able to stop Max Verstappen doing the same thing in Red Bull even though he was obviously in the fastest package. So yeah, and then Sebastian vet gets them both and then Perez gets all of them. So yeah, it was Hamilton was furious on the radio. Believe what was going on. But again, this just shows you it was not the ultimate vintage Hamilton year. I think he did improve and got on top of things later on in the year. But yeah, it was certainly it kicks off the Red Bull purple patch. The handed the win by le Claire's absence. But after that, they're pretty untouchable for a very good period. And I think it was a weekend where we saw Ferrari really show just how far they've come this season. It was on those in the low speed corners where the SF 21 car really really excelled. And all weekend long there were like they were quickest in practice on Thursday and they kept saying, no, we're not really much into it. Let's not get ahead of ourselves. And even we had to chat with Lauren meckes the fiery sporting director in Abu Dhabi. So reviewing their season and he was like, I still consider Monaco to be an outlet. We don't quite know how exactly that will happen. But it was a weekend where I think Ferrari, they were just so quick and I agree, I think, yeah, the clerk would have won that race. And obviously his hoodoo on home soil and Monaco is I don't think ever finished a race there. It's not out not out 5. It's crazy, even in F two and everything like that. Yeah, it's a real, it's really strange, but yeah, it was a weekend, I think Ferrari still took a lot of positives from even if it was such a heartbreaking one. The clerk still sees that as his biggest missed opportunity for this season. But yeah, it was, again, I think we can weigh up Verstappen, did capitalize on circumstance. I thought that yeah, science and nor a state put him really good displays as well to round out the podium. I've also Valtteri Bottas. I mean, he drove a brilliant race obviously he would have been a nailed on second, had it not been for the issue at the pit stop that forced him to retire. So that was one of those races where you yeah, it was hard, hard and bought asks. The actual and again, it's not all too often this season we would rave about Valtteri Bottas's performances, but that's definitely one of them that stood out even if it ended up with zero points at the end. Luke, we described auto sport described as a feel good podium Baku. In terms of the championship battle, can a neutralized massive massive blow up for max Pirelli would later conclude, I think it was all to do with the way the tyre strategy were being run no liability there. Of course love stroll. I think her tie problems as well. And then at the restart, if we thought the final race of the year, a one lap restart was extreme..

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