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The want yoahan's it up behind topped the key barton left means timoleague behind him the barton barton talk with it left ciled allows had got rid of both talked to a ago name for us 25 shanghai left's spates speights jump shot overwatch show that won't goes up any got the role one minute in eighteen seconds left to go in the basketball game moody a has the frontcourt over trey lyles abdel will barton barton rightside abc's leap beasley pick from whilst defenders leans in runnersup it in from the leak at that moment in his last minute and a half their plan near minutes i like that one minute left to go down the lane and a foul called on denver by they car will reach an end what's the at this point you just want to get the game over will yes you don't win fouls come on will y'all got dinner plants tonight especially the officials one nation at the free throw line is sheldon mack first ones all the way that one is good a lot of chirpin going on down there burt stilted like the coal and one more free throw coming up for nate nate that once on the way that what is good 125 accused the scope or not it's leon twenty and work in the closing minute head of the kids trey lyles lyles hands it off behind him to will barton barton guarded by his zonja not known as good defender by the large oils lied to want you over three that was off the side of the rim in no good rebound down to a follow aaron jobs it across the time one eight throws at elbc marie speights speights whereas up on watch shoots ride over him jumpers good 125 the 102 thirty one seconds to go on the near game the nuggets sitting the situation they took the turnover they do the same thing tonight moody it looks like you don't want to shoot eight shot clock moody ages stands there he's a shot clock violations and give the magic the basketball back in the final seven have seconds or so gene this this was a great performance by the team tonight kgb stepping up thirty two you have barton 26 good team win tonight high upside speights really needed old seconds left denver will inbound it and there's the horn air pepsi center.

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