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To buy with his money classic cars he spends a lot of time behind the wheel I just love to drive thank you Dr narrowing interstate six driver road road it's very slow but you know you get to see more drive by yourself yeah I get probably write more songs with the steering wheel I have many good car yeah you can it helps me to think driving down the road it helps to have distractions sometimes do you feel like if this point in your life and in your career that like that you need to engineer a long time like to make that so that you have that time to yourself well I didn't think so but my wife Fiona whose manager may now enter send Jody who's running our record label came up to me last year and said this will sound like they said John it's time to make a record because they knew that I've been writing alone and they put me in a hotel suite for a week with ten boxes of unfinished lyrics three good tires new ukulele fearing knew that operate better in a hotel room thank you at home at home I just look for ways to gather doing things in hotel rooms I have some sort of you know there's something going on and I am ready to do a show or something said left me to it nine I would knock around during the day and go he had at night time and start reading about two in the morning order room service that they have a party by myself and in the book of the sons everyday to see.

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