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The impression he was short actually own chilwata starch trekker i mean nobody cares anymore they cared came the hollywood of the forties and fifties or whatever an earlier but nobody cares about heights anymore more now i also think well not only their own because they have our what's his name tom cruise playing jack richer check reture in the novels is six foot five two hundred and fifty pounds of all muscle and these a brawler is a big scary giant guy that's right yes ix in her abound that i've never read the novels i saw the value of him as he did she's here he's nothing i mean reacher the character in the novels is a big nasty hunk of stuff just tom cruise no matter how snarly he is doesn't come off as big an tough will on the other hand the nicest that were vantage of a tom cruise though as you see a 6foot5 guy and you you say this guy's imposing but someone like tom cruise fools you don't think he's a tough guy because he short and us levied ben because the script says so he always wins that's right there you go well how salmas jackie chan jackie chan we see that there were body and he's a short guy say i don't think that martial art but union martial arts you know that that's different that's like cheating marshall arch oh it is no casualty jackie chan is five eight and a half fiber and a half so that's probably about what tom cruise english now tom cruise's like five six five seven you see and when jordan let me is here before we get completely discombobulated with pop culture in which actress taller and who would make a better jack wreacher other than duane johnson he would be jack creature physically he's much more joerg reach alone among uh tom cruise right but he was taken or they couldn't afford him anymore because he's one of the highest paid actors i think he's even getting worse than tom cruise the stays anyway iphone tent the like the face id yes ma'am ryan live i hear of the liberal party cure.

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