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Yeah The back all right everybody we have Josh Josh and Jesse today or Josh Jesse and Josh I is it like a Josh Sandwich or is it like we joshes the bread yeah I think that's probably more applicable it's still it's a gross metaphor either way and I'm feel very outnumbered anyway a very special episode tonight obviously because we have josh back on which is a fantastic pleasure which I'm very excited about if you don't know Josh helps us run L. blog so he's got beautiful writing skills that we don't have it makes everything nice and he also helps our website stay good I don't know I don't know what that means but up today with talking where continuing this final part series about how to invest in your local judge Woohoo Ooh so we thought that we would bring Josh onto the podcast to talk about some of the stuff that we may have missed and some of the things that he may have you know gathered collated his many years of ministry wisdom he's got the bid for it so today that's what we're going to be talking about so I'm excited to finish off the series without very own Pasta Joshua that's very gorgeous very good go to bend before we get into that we didn't we didn't pray plan this but I've got to we've got to do a.

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