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Is i agree. Like i think i probably have a tendency to walk too fast. Push my dogs through a lot of cover. Probably walk by birds that you know had gone slower. Given the dogs time to sort things out And like you said when you're by yourself that's easier to do mike. My little pup rose. She is displaying like an ability to like. I'll really give her a lot of time because she just had shows an ability to kind of sort this out and like it's almost like a bird materializes just because i gave her the time to work it out whereas you know like my sometimes my desire to explore and get around the next corner like pushing them through that stuff but i by watch rose come to a couple of times out there and i'm like oh there's gotta be a birth. I mean she. She's locked up tight. And then she relocate a little bit locked backup and finally with one of those last woodcock she got in. There is exactly what i was watching happened happened again. And then the woodcock got up was just the way it supposed to work. Yeah and there were a couple spots in there. Where in this is you know again. We've talked about something new for me and it was fun to stop on a hillside or you know heading up a hill until watch her kinda swing far to the right and then come back left and then all of a sudden you know wheel around and then come around the other side and and you know i in some cases that meant we were working something. In other cases she was working sent. But it's cool that that promise that you have in that moment yes. Yeah that's like even if there's not a bird in the air and like if you get a ton of unproductive points she's pointing and nothing happens like you can get. That can get frustrating. I guess maybe a word to put it. But it's no less thrilling. Like uc that doggone point you're like even if you don't put up a bird like you've had you've had some excitement going on there rose in particular. She's a young dog. Take year or two to learn that she can't put that much pressure on a bird. Yup and that it's going to you. Know flush relocate and it it just takes time. I mean watching the difference between harley work in her work today was totally watching a dog on its way up and experienced dog. That knew exactly what was going on. Both both are exciting amazing to watch. Yeah hardly seemed like he could stay on point for an infinite amount of time whereas you know rose was if the bellwood stop and your ways off. I'm thinking you know she just gonna wanna move again right right. Yeah because nothing's happening and we're we're not moving quick enough. Yep yeah i would. I would agree with your with your assessment and i would say you know both of them being my dogs like if they rose moving a lot today it seemed like in you know she was getting hot. She was looking for us timer to. I think she was working. She was working sent at different times. But we didn't put up a lot of birds in in a lot of those places so it wasn't like you would say she bumped that bird. She messed up or anything. The bird wasn't there or whatever it was but both of them. If they're like when we got back to the truck actually was kind of joking because unlike this is tied to get rose back and sure enough. I unlocked the truck. And we're kind of standing here and all of a sudden she's gone and i knew she was gone and then i my watch vibrating. And she was one hundred ninety yards away on point and i. My gun was unloaded and loaded the gun backup and i hiked out there. One hundred ninety yards. I founder went around or kind of took a roundabout way to her and walked in and there was a woodcock under knows for about five minutes and mckay. She had it. She stuck it flushed. It and i was fortunate to kill that one. Yeah i think the woodcock probably really good learning opportunity for 'cause they're gonna hold tight they're gonna hold right under knows typically out and she's she's still got to grow into that backing off the pressure on grouse. I mean i. I've a friend that had settled moved. Kind of the same thing happened early. When they're young. just yeah. They are Very driven dogs. They haunt with amazing speed but it also if you watch them. They're pretty efficient. Yeah and so but they're covering a lot of ground. yeah and i think that When they're young they can just get a little too much pressure on birds. Yup that's a feeling process. And that's a that's an i've seen i've seen rose do it right a lot and i've but out here today she she won on point. We weren't that far into our walk. She went on point and we heard the bell circle again. And then we heard two grouse get up. You know so pressured those and you. You're hoping as trainer and handler that that was a learning learning moment for her. But that's that's part of hunting hunting with bird dogs at least when it all comes together. It's very very exciting. Why don't you know honestly we wouldn't have to shot at those nerds either way exactly. It's nice to know they're they're you know and again when i'm cut my dogs loose that we're contacting birds and yes. I have a desire to get them. Pointed in milwaukee in and shoot them and stuff but knowing that you're getting girls contacts and stuff that's that's what we're out here to do for sure and it's been a great day of it. Yes little warm. I think it's actually a little high cloud cover like i'm wondering like i am. I feeling like have we just been sitting here. We ate a sandwich. Are we cooled off. If we start walking again. Is it going to get hot but we are getting to that time of year. It's three thirty now. The son plays out. Its course a little bit quicker in the evenings get a little bit cooler or getting to the point where the dogs are well rested and we've got a high patches sears clouds working in two so that will provide a little more shades because that could do some good for us. I don't know how the birdsville about it. But i feel good. We're important too because we were getting really hot earlier. And i think we got maybe hundred yards from the truck and we were all thinking. Oh man this is. This is hotter than. I'm used to this time of year. We were ready to emerge from the brush. Yeah well matt we. A- we need to talk minnesota. Vha whatever sure what's called bird podcast but cwc's rearing its ugly head again in the state chronic wasting disease and the deer population Testified to House committee and informal committee. I guess it was back in september We had a deer farm tests positive up near bemidji really and they were disposing carcasses on public land. Oh excellent tax forfeit public land. So land has been at the expense of the dnr of a little under two hundred thousand dollars. Twelve acres of public land has been fenced off And listening to dr larson of the university of minnesota's I can't remember which department he's with. But i think it's Ulcer homestead rap group The prion that it's a prion disease got malformed protein. Yeah and so it survives. It'll sit in the soil forever right. i mean it. They've they've got a new arctic. Quick test they've come up with and They're the they've tested and they'll find it in the soil. They can find it. Implants they can find. It's it's kind of a scary thing that we really need to address so we came out with a stance in support of The minnesota deer hunters association Put out a letter to the tribune that was published Basically saying we want to shutdown. Serve it farms in the state of minnesota I think saint louis coney justice read. Yes yesterday passed a moratorium on saint louis county. It's real on it. Absolutely the i don't know if they had any kind of they might have one or two but so the moratoriums one of the things we've asked where that we stop adding new farms Board of animal health and the minister. Dnr at the.

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