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So there's one other thing that happened at big 12 media days. But I think we need to address. And I might have gone on a bit of a rant about this. Braden Gaul in for Paul Flynn Paul fine bomb show. ESPN radio 855-242-7285 got phone calls here. The rest of the way if you want to chime in, 855-242-7285. Tell me how awful my college football takes are, how awesome my music taste is, because I just have great music taste. I'm just going to tell you. That's just the way it is. Fitzy, by the way, used to be my co host here locally. He'll back me up on this. So here's something that I saw today at big 12 media day that it just drives me nuts. Drives me absolutely bonkers. So they had to talk about the horns down thing. Again today with the big 12 head of officiating. Basically, the head of officiating in the big 12 is apologizing to everybody because he's like, look, guys, I'm so sorry. I know I'm going to get a bunch of emails from Oklahoma people. I'm so sorry. But you can not throw horns down during a football game. You can't throw it out of player. You can't do it after a touchdown. You just can't throw horns down. It is, I don't know what it is. Disrespectful taunting, I guess. I don't know. I'm just not sure what, what is it then? If that is the case, now listen, I am not talking about throwing birds at people, right? If somebody's going to run down the field and throw up some birds at some students or some fans, like, I'm okay with throwing a penalty on that. That ain't cool. But isn't every single hand gesture every player does in celebration also technically taunting? You know what I mean? Like if I score touchdown and I'm a Florida gator and I do a chomp. Isn't that taunting? If I'm a Florida state player and I score touchdown and I start running down the field, tomahawk chopping, isn't that taunting? In this sense of the word, like I disagree, I think none of it should be taunting. It's all called sports. And it's supposed to be fun. It's supposed to be a game. We're supposed to have fun. So I don't know, to me, I get it why the official head of officials had to talk about it at big 12 media days, but I just think it's ridiculous. Suck in the fun out of the game. This is what it is. CBS sports reporter covering the big 12 and I will ahead of time apologize because I've talked to this guy. I've talked to you many times on Twitter and I've never said your name out loud. So I'm going to try to get it right. Shahan Jey rajah. Did I get that right? Si Han, are you there? Yes, yes, now I think you got me. Yeah, you nailed it. I got it right. All right, thank you. You got it. Thanks for joining us. That's all I needed. I appreciate it, buddy. Thank you. No problem. Thank you so much for having me. You can check them out on Twitter, of course, shahan Jay Raja, CBS sports at the big 12 media event. Just your personal opinion on the horns down thing. I know it's never going to change and they are what they are, but are we not taking some of the fun out of the game by not allowing players to just sort of do what they want to do with hand gestures on the field? Yeah, I mean, I feel like the excitement of college football is just getting to enjoy some of these things. Getting to hate your rival is getting to talk trap and I mean, look, in the state of Texas, where I'm from, the University of Texas is the standard, and I think the idea of people being able to kind of express themselves and do that sort of thing. I think it's just fun, right? It's harmless. It doesn't, I don't think it really demeans much of anybody. I think it's more of a compliment to the standard that Texas that historically. So I think it's silly, but unfortunately I don't make the rules. Well, I wish you did, man. Let's go back to Brett York mark's opening remarks, the first time commissioner of the big 12, of course, he comes from a big business NBA background. What did you make of how he delivered his prepared statements? We know that the substance of the message, which is we're open for business. We're going to do the best thing we can for the big 12 in terms of negotiating a new television contract. What did you make about how we handled the entire event? Are you impressed with the leadership skills? Do you have questions? What did you make of his performance? Yeah, I was pretty impressed and especially after talking to some other people around the periphery. I mean, they seem very impressed with what Brett your mark was able to do. You know, I mean, certainly like any opening statement, there were some buzz words, right? Young and hip is probably not something that's going to stick her out for a long time, but I think that ultimately what he brings to the table is somebody who comes from the outside world. Somebody who understands how to generate revenue in a pro sports set, somebody who understands how to maximize brand value. You know, he was the guy who was in charge of the net moving to Brooklyn and having to rebrand themselves as Brooklyn's team. And so obviously a college conference is a little bit different than that. It's going to be a different challenge, but I think that he has a good understanding of some of the off field stuff that certainly I've been looking on the SSD network that the NCC has done exceptionally well over the years that I think that the big 12 has struggled doing. And I think that some of those off field considerations are going to play a big part and being able to recoup some brand value. Joining us here from CBS sports covering the big 12 and I guess do you get a sense I would like to talk about actual football in a second, but do you get a sense about where their actions may lie, like where their focus is? Is it, you know, he used the phrase defined point of difference. What does that mean? I think that more than anything else, they want to, again, I go back to that word brand and brand is obviously kind of a giant buzzword in some ways, but I go back to the SEC, right? The SEC, I think, has done a tremendous job of establishing a brand. It just means more culture. This is the best.

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