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Theft tally? In the end, he ended up with two Padres jerseys and a pair of batting gloves, two giants jerseys, and a giant face mask, a Jersey from the a's ten Dodgers jerseys and a paradigm gloves. So that is 15 jerseys, two pairs of batting gloves and a mask total. Wow. And what has become of all this missing stuff do we know? The tatis jerseys, they were not able to recover those because we've said he couldn't remember who he sold them to. All the other stuff is sitting in evidence lockup with Denver police because it belongs to the teams. You know, the season ended, the teams did not feel the need to come collect their merchandise. They actually offered it to the DA and the cop who investigated it as like a thank you, but because of ethics regulations, they're not allowed to accept a gift of that worth, so they just sit in evidence lock up waiting for someone to come get them. I feel like you should get one of those for your reporting on this story. Maybe all of them. Because of evidence rules, I am also not allowed to accept the gift of that sus. Of ethics rules rather. Fair enough, fair enough. Well, Stephanie Epstein, thanks so much for taking us on this mysterious journey and helping us solve the case. Sure, thanks for having me. One quick note here, it turns out this story might in fact have a sequel. Set in a different city with a different thief. Check out Stephanie's story to learn more. You can find a link in our show notes, and at SI dot com. Thanks for listening today. This episode was produced by me, under skeletal, production assistance by Daniel Gonzalez, fact checking by Charlotte Edmonds. Sound design and mixing by Erin may. The rest of our team includes Tiffany osinski mat straub, adrien Tapia, and Ian Hurley, the lead is executive produced by Dave Easton, Marshall Louis and Jen Sargent for wondering. For wondery, I'm out of skeletal.

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