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Hi is in there yeah this is Ian Ian how are you my name is Casey you don't know me I got your number from a mutual friend you have a chocolate lab right yes I do okay good I got the right guy well I go to the dog park sometimes that you go to in your dog has been flirting with me nonstop I'm sorry what your dog yeah has just been flirting with me like crazy what the hell does that mean I'll give an example the first time I went there he just came up and rubbed against my leg I don't know I don't know where I got mine in my own business and you just play what you're calling because my dog rubbed against your leg well he does that a couple other things but yeah there's you know why are you wasting my time well I'm just letting you know that it's a little uncomfortable for me to go to the dog park with your dog being so aggressive with me you will probably not there all day find a different time to go to the park well I think he's I guess I don't have a problem with him being there if you could just sort of convince him to stop flirting so much me well that means that the flirting is making me uncomfortable and I can enjoy what what what what is wrong and what he's flirting you've never seen a making eyes at me making are you think she'll do you even have a dog do you have any business being the star Parker you going over there to scope out the animals that you want to what the hell is wrong with you I don't have a dog but I do go to the dog park off and you you know we have a dog just as I suspected your some pervert what why only thing my god I don't have a dog because I have an apartment they don't know and you don't show up show up there next door and then you come up to me in person you tell me that my dog is flirting with you I want to know who you are you be able to tell what you look like a right Herbert okay now that's a little mean don't you think so don't go there right now I can be there in five minutes how about you but I was being lied website are you listed on your helping neighbors when you moved to town tell them okay listen if you're asking if I have feelings for your dog Sir the answer is now no I don't I'm not asking I know I know you've heard of a creek so I'm guessing that you're not gonna ask your dog to stop flirting with me including me you're lucky I don't my dog and you use a password all up in my number unless you talk to your dog I'm gonna have to take out a restraining order on him Michael past three do whatever you want let me get you into a court room alright you've Herbert would you let your daughter know that I am taking and I have a wife all right and he needs to stop your wife appear white Herbert connect on the come down you need the dog park the most what only you play now your which now you're flirting with me is that our mother like dog like master like now you're like come down to the dog park and we can sit on a bench and maybe make out for an hour or so right is that what you're telling me I can you get your info here alright let's go we need a dog show it yeah what this is actually Jubal from broken jewel in the morning a movie that you two point five doing a phone tap on you where would you ever relax relax it's a joke man Joe who are you this is doable from broken jewel in the morning I'm over ninety two point five your wife Jessica set you up while I'm on the radio yes alright guys Jessica says that you meet a lot of weird people of the dog parks they want me to keep you out yeah the number will not want to take my dog every morning mornings on the twenty two point five this yeah if you this has happened to me I can only one because I want to.

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